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2nd trimester...

I'm 16 weeks today and still waiting for the surge of energy and to feel better. 


I'm still being sick and feeling queasy most mornings and feel so drained so sorry I haven't been around much. Lovely to hear how all your 12 week scans are going. Won't be long and the 20 week ones will be here. Mine is booked for the 21st May! 


I've also got to have the glucose tolerance test on the 13th May as I had gestational diabetes in my last pregnancy so being tested earlier for it this time. 


Had midwife appointment yesterday but it all felt so rushed. Apparently it isn't policy to listen to the heartbeat until after 20 weeks in my area, although I know most places do it much earlier! 


  • Hi can tell I've hit second trimester, just as was the case with my little boy I am experiencing less nausea and craving healthier foods. I wouldn't say I have tons of energy though, perhaps something to do with running around after a toddler!! Sorry to hear you're still suffering megsmum. Thank goodness it's all worth it!image.

    I have consultants appt Monday as I have underactive thyroid so the monitor growth, and I am having twins.

    Hope everyone else is doing well image

    Lou Lou
  • hi. im feeling a little better now less tired and only nausea first thing in the morn and when i get hungry. i have been getting little flutters now so it feels more real. i got to lisen to its heartbeat last week so excited now.   i have my scan on 20th may and hopefuly find out what it is............... 16weeks 5 days x

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