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20 weeks and small bump

Hi All,

Im 20 weeks pregnant and loads of people have commented that my bump is small. Is this normal? I personally feel big but I would as a first timer. I have my next scan on friday and Im a bit worried that baby isnt growing. Anyone else have this problem or should I be worried?


  • Dont worry it all depends on the size you were before your pregnancy and muscle tone. We all grow at different rates and are all completely different. Your midwife will measure you and make sure everythings ok on friday and im sure theres nothing to worry about.

    Bec xxx
  • My bump was tiny to start with. At 20 weeks the sonographer said to me "so you must be here for your 12 week scan"!! I suddenly popped at 23 weeks. My MW just said I obviously had good tummy muscles holding it all in xx don't forget some people go full term and don't even know they are pregnant and have perfectly healthy babies!
  • Me too! I'm 21+3 and only just look pregnant!! Have had my scan and baby was measuring perfect size. Ppl are constantly commenting on it, someone even said after my 20 wk scan that they thought I was making the pregnancy up as had no bump?!? I snapped and said 'because I wasn't fat before hand!' oops. I was a tiny 6/8 and the only good muscles I have are my stomach. Lots of ppl have said they didn't pop til 7 months. Try not to worry and love your bump as it is! Be proud!
  • G/Cing from born in June 2010

    I was tiny almost until my DD was born and she was 7lb at 5 days overdue so definatly not a small baby and very healthy!

    If it would make you feel better i can e-mail u a picture of me at about 20 weeks - i was tiny!

    Messgae me your e-mail address if u like

  • thanks a ton all you ladies..... your comments have really comforted me too... i was beginning to worry about my 20 weeks pregnant and just had one scan till now and next is in may... just hoping my midwife confirms the baby is fine image

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