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Bf + co-sleeping?

Hi everyone, My son is 8 months and since he was a couple of months old, he has slept in our bed, for some of the night, depending on how well he would sleep in his crib/ cot. He was sleeping through for a couple of months and just sleeping with us from 5/6 am for a couple of hours. Since he was 5 months he has been more difficult to settle in his cot, I think due to teething and development etc, so he has generally come into our bed at about 12am isn't when it has been particularly hard to settle him back in his cot. I still find that he feeds quite a lot, I would say 4 or 5 times when in our bed, until he wakes up at 7ish. How have other mums found frequency of bf when co-sleeping? He doesn't self settle that we'll ATM, so obviously think he bf for comfort as well as being hungry, but just wondered other mummies experiences?


  • Hi gerdy,

    my girls definitely fed more when co-sleeping, partly because our movement in bed would sometimes disturb them & partly because when they are closer to us they can smell the milk.  Having my youngest co-sleep her night feeds could increase from 2-3 whilst in her cot up to 7 whilst in our bed (whilst teething/under weather she would become a leech & stay latched on most of the night).  To determine whether it was comfort/food she was after I ended up cuddling one of her toys for 1hr before putting her to bed with it which helped reduce feeds to 1 per night.

  • @KazzieM - that's a great idea, I was looking for a way to start moving my son into his own cot for some of the night, I'll try that!

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