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Fao jvlwithbabyboy

All the best for ur scan today hunny!! Hope all goes well, I will be thinking of u and looking out for ur update !! Xx


  • Me too!  Good luck image


  • Good luck! Xx

  • hey! thanx for thinking of me. scan went really well image we have a lovely wriggly bubba. it hasnt quite sunk in yet though as ive been so distracted with my son. hes been ill since wed. ear and throat infection and now on antibiotics. hes better today though so im only now really starting to realise that weve passed the 12 week mark and can start telling people. x

  • That's great news hun!!! so glad all is well!! Congratulations!! Aww hope ur little boy is better soon!! Xx

  • Yay! Its weird starting to tell people and not hiding in big jumpers anymore! Xx

  • thanx. my little guy is much better now, thank god, but still caughing a bit and nose still a bit runny. but def on the mend image

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