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How is everyone doing?

Any other May babies arrived yet? Seeing as both Lorraine and I have our beautiful boys I thought I would see if anyone else has had theirs?

Good luck to all.




  • Looks like it's just ours then, hows your little fella getting on? Mine are still in special care it's just feeding that's an issue, but they've done really well the last 2 days so fingers crossed they can come home on Monday, hope your almost healed as well x x

  • I had ill little man 8 days early on the 3 rd image I was induced but it was quick image he weighed 7Ib 3 oz and is perfect image xx

  • My daughter arrived 5 weeks early on 24th April.  I had an emergency induction due to a liver condition i have getting dramatically worse.  Basically, i turned up for work and got a phonecall at 9am saying get to hospital right now we need baby out within 48 hours.  It was all a bit scary but thankfully everything went well and i went into labour when they put the pessary in so didnt need to have a c-section which i really didnt want.  I had my waters broken then Saffron Rebecca arrived an hour and 20 mins later weighing in at 5lbs 1oz.  We were in hospital for a week due to begin so early but home now and she just got weighed again today and is now back to her birth weight.  Best wishes to everyone still to have their babies. x.

  • igitigi - congratulations to you. I hope you are settling in well? Have you got home? What name did you go for in the end?

    Krilag - blimey - I hope you are ok? Congratulations and what a fabulous name. My little man is 5lbs 3oz and is putting on weight each day! How are you feeling?

    Anyone else?

  • Congrats girls pleased to hear everyone's doing well x x

  • Thanks image yes he is settling well - infact he is a little too settled I'm waiting for the crying to start lol - we called him Ethan image he was weighed today and has lost 3oz but hopefully will have put it back on by thurs image)) how's everyone else doing? Is anyone else breastfeeding? my milk has properly come In now and boy am I full!!! Lol xx

  • Hi,

    I'm due on 16th May. I've been having period pain type aches and feeling sick for a couple of days. Do you think that means I'm going to start soon? (This is my first so I've no idea how it feels)

    Have loved reading your stories and posts, they've really helped me through so far!

    Mrs C

  • Hi,

    Mrs c any sign of your little one yet?


    Igitigi how's Ethan still settled I hope an not screaming the house down ha-ha,

    We've got 1 that likes to use his lungs a lot an 1that's quite chiled but it could be worse if they were both exercising their lungs regularly at the same time! They're both newborn size now at 7lb 6 and 6lb 8 so growing well bless them,

    Hope everyone else is ok and not as sleep deprived as we are! Got another wk with hubby at home to help an then the fun will really start x x

  • I've got just over a week to go!!!!!!!! It's dragging!!! Congrats to you all who've had your little ones image xx

  • Hi,

    Nope, it's all been stoppy/starty. I think it'll be a few days yet.

    Congratulations on your twins! x

  • Mrs C - hope your labour goes well?

    Sid89 - any sign yet?

    Our little man is doing really well, almost 6lbs! We are just waiting for the SCBU nurse to come and weigh him. He is growing really well, even for being 9 weeks early!

  • Aww wonderful!! That's lovely news!!! No sign. She's also decided that it is much more comfortable for her in the back to back position!! Not good!! She's engaged further though, hoping she doesn't go over due x 

  • Sid89 - does that mean they are waiting until she moves, or will they try and move her?

    He has just been weighed and he had been discharged from the neo-natal team....woohoo

  • They're just leaving her, it's possible to have a natural birth, just longer and more painful unfortunately!! There's still time to move back though thankfully! X 

  • I feel for you sid89 that happened with my first, hope your not 2 uncomfortable,  fingers crossed  she turns in time,Can't wait for further updates x x


  • Ahh thank you image congrats to you x 

  • Any more updates ladies?

    Our gorgeous little boy is now 7lbs which is amazing! Still not quite what he might of been full term, but he is back on the breasfeeding too, which is great.

    Hope everyone is ok...x x x

  • Hi ladies, my dd Megan was born on 12 May,  just 3 days past her due date weighing a very healthy 8lbs 13oz image nice straightforward labour & she was born just under 3 hours after my waters went! Painful as only had gas & air but pleased with the experience as dd1 was back to back so good to have a pretty normal labour this time! Megan is great, im loving having a newborn again and dd1 loves her new baby sister ♥ hope everyone else is doing well x 

  • Congrats MrsB pleased to hear it went well for you and welcome to the world Megan,

    Sid89 an Mrs C any news yet,? X x

  • Hello!!! Yes our beautiful little girl was born 4 days overdue on the 25th May weighing 6lbs 15oz !! 36 hour labour though... Totally worth it image 

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