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Good luck today RileysMummy

Hope everything is perfect today at your scan! What time are you booked in for? Keep us posted! Xx


  • I'm sure it was just after 10am.

    best of luck honey, let us know when you can! Xx

  • Yes all was well!! Thanku for thinking of me ladies. One baby phew!! Also put forward a few days xx

  • hooray!!! image Really happy for you. Now i can deteste you for having no sickness! image xx

  • Lol mrsallen!! Yes I have been let off very lightly this time with only being sick 5 times. I was so sick with Riley until I was 18weeks so things maybe a deserved break lol!! U wait though I'll have a bad labour this time whereas last time is was quite straight forward and ok xx

  • oooh great news!! glad everything went well x

  • Haha! I had sickness till 18 weeks last time too it was a killer! So looking like another 4weeks till I'm nausea free! Ughhh! Have you told Riley yet? My son was 2 in march but still oblivious even though we have told him. Think he'd be more excited if i was having a goat or another dog! Lol xx



  • Lol mrsallen, yes we told him yesterday and he is so happy. Was on the phone to his grandma this morning holding the phone up to my belly saying "what's in mummies tummy?" Lol keeps talking about it. Also told dans parents today with Riley's t shirt saying I'm going to be a big brother. They were so excited and didn't have any idea as they have been away and hasn't really seen me to see that my belly has popped lol! Xx

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