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I recently bought a hand held doppler for home just for reassurance. I have spent the last 36 hours in a state of complete panic unable to find any heartbeats. Today my nurse friend had a go and found both twins heartbeats straight away.

anyway, I'm now tempted to chuck it out/give it to someone else as it was so stressful. Just wondering what you ladies think - anyone bought a doppler and regretted it? Personally they can cause so much stress and worry I really wouldn't recommend one to anyone!

Its super quiet on the forum at the moment. Hope all you mummies and babies to be are well?!? 

Froggy xxx






  • Sorry for gate crashing the oct thread but just wanted to say that buying a Doppler was the best thing I ever did. 

    I had really bad bleeding at 12 weeks. As it was a Friday in hospital they couldn't give me a scan or any reassurance. Going home and managing to find the heartbeat on the Doppler kept me sane over the weekend and the following 3 weeks of bleeding. 

    I am aware of just how lucky I was to be able to find the heartbeat though

  • hi froggy123 it really is quit in due oct ive been chating to nov girls.  im doing great im 20weeks today with a girl and i didnt want the worry if i couldnt find the heartbeat. so her kicks tells me shes doing ok.  hows you little one when u due ?? im 1st oct x

  • froggy123 bless you. that must have had you worried I can imagine. I have to say I have a doppler and dont know where id be without it. i found pickles heartbeat at just 7 weeks, and it was reasurrring to me after 2 mcs knowing baby was ok.

    Which doppler did you buy hun, as some arent that reliable and do end up panicking mums. I have the sonaline b paid £30 2nd hand and its the best money iv ever spent. xxx

  • Hi folks,

    I used one with first pregnancy but haven't with the twins as was worried about not finding both heartbeats. I'm 17+4 and have been getting lots movement for last two weeks. Looking forward to next scan. Hope everyone else is well?

    Lou Lou image
  • GC from December but I wish I'd never bought mine in my last pregnancy.  LIke you I bought it for reassurance but ended up causing me awful stress as I couldn't find the hb until I was about 30 weeks! My placenta was anterior which was the likely cause but the stress of people saying they found a hb at 9 weeks and then me not finding anything was horrible! I won't be getting it out this time until i'm huge!x

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