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Talkback: How long does implantation bleeding last?



  • I have endometriosis and was told it would be very difficult to conceive a child,3 years ago I had a miscarriage and have tried to get pregnant since then with fertility treatment and everything. My cycles are never regular until the last 6 months and its been about a month since I kissed my period I thought I was getting it but the blood was more brown and it only lasted maybe 2 days. I didn't think anything of it, but now I feel very tired, my lower back hurts,I have more and more headaches, heartburn, nausea no vomiting. And I have not checked a test yet because I wanted to be pregnant so bad I don't know if its just false hope and I don't know but i think I am scared to get a negative again. Anyways my question is does this sound like it could be possible to anyone else or am I just wishful thinking? Thanks
  • I think Im experiencing Implantation bleeding 4 days before my period! Im not due till Sunday. We ttc for the first time this month, ovulation was between 8th/9th May. My test are negative so far. I have had a range of difference strong symptoms over the past week. Could I be pregnant?! My period NEVER comes early. x
  • Im not sure Crystal,  I have no idea whatbi. Doing. I hope you get a positive! Good luck! x

  • We've been ttc for 3 months now, I ovulated on 6 may an for the past 2 days ive had pinkish spotting when I wipe, my breasts were also sore but now there not as sore, done a test this morning but bfn! Just don't no what this means. X
  • Im the same as you Clair, I think give it more time? x

  • The spotting has stopped now NICB14,image I also read that after implantation it takes 3/4 days for a blood test to be positive an then an other 2/3 days for a positive water sample , so I'm gonna leave testing till Tuesday, wish me luck. image 

  • Awww good luck!!! 

  • Lots of red blood when I wipe image , think this is the start of AF, don't no how I've not got pregnant! Me an my husband made love every other day so we didn't miss! image 

  • Awwwww so sorry Clair! Were you due today? X

  • Im still negative too but no af x

  • Just wanted to say that some of this isn't always right! After a year of trying i've just had a BFP on wednesday, 1 day before my period was due. I bled, quite lightly from Sunday morning until Tuesday morning. Majority of it was pink but i did have quite a lot of red blood and a few small clots. The only reason I knew it wasn't the start of my period was because my boobs were still sore even though I was bleeding. They always got better right before my period started. I didn't have any cramping but i did have a shap pain on my right side which could have been the implantation itself. Good luck to all those waiting on their BFP xx
  • i am 27 and never been pregnant. My menstrual period has always been irregullar. In januari i was bleeding for 3 1/2 weeks. Februari it didn't come. March it came for 2 weeks. In the beginning of april i went to a midwife to massage my belly. She told m that my uterus was not at it place. So she massaged it. A week after i massaged my belly my period came and lasted for 2 1/2 weeks. Here after i started using a period tracker app. This app told me precisely when i will be fertile and ovulating and when my next period will be. So after my period of april i had sex almost everyday. The app told m that my next period would begin 10 may. It didn't come yet. Almost 3 weeks ago i was feeling dizzy and wanted to vommit. I tought i was pregnant,so i
    did a pregnancy test. But It was negative. Last week i started to urinate a lot. 17/18 may i started having cramp. I thought my period would come. Sunday 19 may i spotted some bleeding. It was kinda pink and brownish. It was just a little bit. It also came on monday. wendsday there wasn't any bleeding anymore. Am i pregnant now? i do not know. Sunday 26 i will be doing a test and see if i'm pregnant.
  • Im think I might be experiencing implantation bleeding. My partner and I are ttc got af on the 27th of April lasted 4 days started trying just after. Used a ovulating website to track when I would ovulate had sex every second day before during and after ovulation as since af is between 31 to 34 day cycle last day I should of ovulated was the 17th of may my breast started hurting the 19th and got worst as last week went on. Then yesterday the 25th of may I started having a few cramps went to bathroom and had some red spotting and spotted all day very light. This morning only small spot from overnight cramps have stopped and breast are still sore. I will wait a few days and do a test I hope for a bfp.

  • hubby and I are trying to conceive, been off my pill 6 months and just started regular cycle last month. Ovulated around 14th may and started having dark brown cm to pink cm when wiping yesterday and today but nothing heavy so not sure if period is coming or Not? Could this be implantation?? I want it so bad I've lost faith

  • Ps- I'm not due for antithetical 8 days so this is why I'm confused and trying not to get too excited. 

    The only other symptom I have had is all day all I want to do is eat?? Like everything in my cupboards lol 

  • Hi Claire I'm in exactly the same situation. I've got quite a red bleed that started about an hour ago. I want to wait before a missed period before I test but my husband is concerned in case it's an infection or something. Ugh! Good luck everyone
  • I started spotting a few days ago, period not due for another 4 days, I am getting cramps and really feel like I'm about to start my period. I have done a test today but it was negative, how long after implantation can you find out if you are pregnant? I just don't know what's going on with my body, I feel very tired and cramps? Until my period is due I feel so lost...
  • Can Implantation bleeding last for 4 days started really light pink then red then brown and back to red now, my period has came 5 days early, I took a pregnancy test today but I wonder if it was too early.. I did have a blood tests last week but came back negative. Is what Iam experienceing a early period or implantation please ladies x

  • Hi, I think I may be pregnant but I've taken two tests and they both were negative. Im now having really light pinkish and brownish spotting and my breasts have been hurting. I've never had a child before so I'm not completely sure if I'm pregnant or not. I don't know what to do. 

  • this is the first time of me n my partner ttc. i stopped my progesterone only pill on the 9th july then yesterday (17th) i saw some spotting. it was brown but only small amounts. then ive seen some again today but more red in colour but still only small amounts. due to being on th POP and the implant before that i havent had a regular period for about 4 years. is this implantation spotting or am i starting a period??

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