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Twin buggies

My baby is due at end of Nov '13 at which point my little man will be almost 2 yrs.  We have a travel system already and someone suggested not bothering with a double buggy and just getting a buggy board, but I think he'll be too little to be expected to perch on the board all the time at the age of just 2 yrs.  I was going to get a tandum pushchair but find them either too pricy or too ugly and bulky.  I've been to Mothercare yesterday and put a deposit down on the Silvercross Pop Duo which is a side by side pushchair.  It is quite light and compact and I loved it when I saw it.  I can still change my mind if I want.  I didn't try my little man in it and have read on the reviews that there isn't much shoulder room for the older child and that it is better for twin babies.  Can anyone shed any light??  I am also worrying that because it says up to 15kg, my toddler will get a year maybe just over in it then I'll have to revert back to my old travel system.  Do you think I should change my mind and get one of the ones with the seat underneath that can be removed?  (although I think they kind of look like putting toddler in the boot image ).  Sorry I do drive myself mad!


  • It all comes down to your individual preference.  I always preferred the idea of a double to a tandum as I felt that the child sat behind was always 'robbed' of the view but some tandums are slightly raised at the back so aren't as bad.

    I have a 21mth age gap between my girls & have a Maclaren Twin Triumph double pushchair.  The seats are adjustable so it can be used from birth if desired (though from birth-3mths I had baby in a sling), is lightweight & compact.  My 3.5yr old is still using it on occasions when she feels tired & they sit next to each other quite comfortably.  It even comes with a rain cover.

    Generally it seems to be the style of handle that can restrict shoulder room (some form one continuous handle so it curves up & in behind the children) but then the children tend to adapt themselves to sit at different angles or lean forwards slightly so they are most comfortable (whatever chair they are in).

  • Thank you Kazzie.  That's how I feel, I think it's a shame to put one in the back, they are equal together side by side.  I think I'll call back into shop and sit my little man in and have a go round the shop and if it's ok I'll stick with it cause I did really like it, thanks for your advice image

  • GC from December but I have just bought the Mountain Buggy duo and it's amazing! It's a side by side one but it's designed to fit through a standard doorway as I can't stand teh ones that are like tanks but didn't want a phil and ted's as baby too close to ground and not a very interesting view.  The seats of the mountain buggy are really impressive.  My little boy is 22 month but is the size of a 3 year old and fit in it very lots of room to grow some more!x

  • Ah that's fab, thanks for letting me know, I'll have a look at them now.  I went back to the shop and sat my little man in the Silvercross one and he didn't have much arm room now, so he won't do when he's 2.  I cancelled the plan, so I'll definately look at that now. image

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