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Can't sleep :-(

Hi guys.

ive been up since 230am n feeling abit lonely so Thot I'd cum on n ask if nebody else were having trouble sleeping? Or if it's jst me with too much time on my hands cos I dnt work....... I kno most of u work so will probably get to sleep straight away, or mayb not? I don't kno, I'm jst nothing else to do at this time........

hmmmm, another random question, anybody packed or made a list for their hospital bags? I've bought most of the stuff, but still got nappies n stuff to buy........

i bought quite a few clothes for baby n a couple of nighties n slippers for myself for a £100, from primark n then I went to mothercare for a few other essentials like jacket, cardigen, hat, mittens n shawl that I Cudnt get from priimark n dat cos £100!!!! I was so shocked.........

neways I just wondered abt the hospital bags, but I guess not since most of u work and having baby in September........but saying dat I had my first at 36 weeks n was in hospital from 35 weeks so was really glad I had packed my bag by 30 weeks. Obviously it was out of pure excitement at the time but it was gud to have it sorted, then again I never had any of my family breathing down my neck at the time telling me off for buying things so early, as I have now, so that's a pain.

i just bought my baby's clothes now, which I Thot was quite reasonable since I've wanted to buy everything as soon as I found out I'm pregnant, but I still got told off by my sister in laws, my mum, my sisters, even my nephew!!! 

Neways, sorry for the rant, no wonder I can't sleep, lol............


  • I'm finding it really hard to get to sleep too, I feel exhausted until the moment I get in bed!  I've started going to bed earlier to build in half an hour reading time to try and switch off. all I have for my hospital bag is his first outfit!

  • i sometimes struggle getting off to sleep too, so annoying. even if i am relaxed before i sometimes find my mind starts thinking about everything and anything!

    i havent packed my hospital bag yet but have been washing the baby clothes i do have in prep. last time i packed far too much stuff that i didnt use so wont be taking all that this time. i was so organised last time, bag all ready by 30 weeks and dd didnt arrive till nearly 42 image

  • Lol, I'm glad that I'm kind of in between that stage, I've got all my stuff, expect nappies, but I've not washed clothes or packed my bags yet. Kind of worried abt everyone else's comments and putting me down abt it.

    i can't even remember when I got my bags packed the last couple of times.......but first pregnancy I kno I was packed pretty early which was good cos she came at 36 weeks, and I was on hospital from 35 weeks.

    and bcos of diabetes and sum other probs the docs have said a couple of times that I mite go into pre term labour so I'd rather pack my own bag than have random stuff handed to me from hubby and sisters!!! 


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