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struggling maternity clothes......... (''_)

Hey Ladies.

I hope its not just me and my awkward (boring) fashion sense but are the maternity clothes out there just.... Dull?!?!  image

im only 19 weeks, and having huge problems trying to find affordable (not cheep but not expensive) trousers, more than anything... and the shops are either out of stock in the size i need (creeping up to an 18 now) or dont stock it in that size at all?!

also maternity bras.... im not massive chested (36F) but all the ones i have tried on and had to buy (as my nice normal ones now only just cover my niplets) are all like potato sacks!!! i can understand the importance of not wearing wired bras... but when the wired bras make my boobs look 'boob' shaped then im gonna bloody wear them! arghh sorry girls about my rant, but am feeling rather down about clothes in general. i know its so meanial and i should have better things to worry about but when my friends and family are so immaculately and nicely dressed i feel that my lounging trousers and vest and cardi arent quite suitable.

I think my next carear choice will be desigining nice, affordable pretty and practical maternity clothing.

Manda xXx


  • Hi, 

    Im a size 16-18 and have just got some nice linen trousers from asda online maternity range, they are well made, washwell and only £10.

    As for bras, don't look at sizes especially in mothercare as they are totally made up. I got measured in mothercare when pregnant with ds1, I have always been 36DD but they measured me at 40F in one style and 38G in another style. I was so upset till my mum pointed out that the bras actually looked good despite the apparent size. I was also measured in M&S and gota some nice t shirt nursing bras and they measured me at 36DD so that erase insider for me to cope with.


    Good luck with shopping


    Yc x

  • i HATE maternity clothes. im quite petite, size 6/8 at 5 foot 4, and i struggle to find decent mat clothes too. i find that most places only cater for sizes 10 and up and my a cup boobs get lost in most mat tops. many places dont even make mat/nursing bras in an a cup. with my first pg i went up to a b cup when my milk came in and once that settled i was an a again, although fuller than my normal a. and yes, mat clothes is mostly boring.

    i got some at h&m last time (beware they have funny sizes for their mat clothes) and ordered some stuff online too. i like this range,en_GB,sc.html they have some decent stuff.

  • I got loads of nice tops online from new look maternity range but am too struggling with trousers and jumper type tops. I'm a size 8 and 5ft 2 normally but my size 8 mat jeans are fairly tight and the size 10 ones fall down- cant win. They are both from next x

  • I have bought some clothes off eBay and had a few bits left from my last pregnancy. 

  • I just buy a few sizes to big for me from primark and asda and that usually does me image x

  • Hi - i got some nice maternity clothes from Red Herring - they have sizes up to 18. They are in most Debenhams.

  • I too am finding the range of maternity stuff out there poor. I'm a size 12 and even I struggle to find my size in thr shops. 

    Don't know if this is true but are Primark doing a maternity range I need to venture into town to have a look.

    I've been living in leggins (handy they're in fashion again) but I am getting bored of them.

    Ebay has a not too bad range of trousers/jeans/leggins on it have a wee look on there.

  • I have a three day wedding to go to next week in Italy so I needed a dress for every day. I found on ebay some second hand Tiffany rose dresses which are lovely,

    nit having much luck in high street, went into next and debenhams ands they both said they didn't do maternity clothes anymore and mother are said they didn't have anyone to measure me for a maternity bra.

    Online is very disheartening as there are clingy tops with fluorescent writing on but no classy looking tops you could wear with jeans or trainers

    ive bought some dresses from Dorothy Perkins in a size bigger to last me a couple on months 

  • I went into H&M today and for myself some nice black skinny jeans and just bought somI tops in a bigger size don't know if there is any point buying summer stuff weather up here has been rubbish not sure we're going to get a summer image 

    Primark don't do a maternity range I went in there today


  • GeorgieS - how are the tiffany rose dresses? and how do the sizes run? are they cute bigger or on the small side? my brother is getting married end of sept so ill be only about 6-7 weeks off my due date and need a nice dress for the occasion. ive been looking at some of the dresses online and they have some nice ones. which did you get? x

  • Im usually 10-12 but as im broad 12 is more comfortable, the sizes are 10-12 is 2 and 12-14 is 3, I got the short flutter dress for the wedidn't in size 3 whicis fits perfectly and I'm glad I didnt get it in size smaller as I sometimes I struggle with it being tight under arms. Flutter dress is nice stretchy material not the rubbish jumper material most maternity clothes are in. I also got a Grecian style white dress in size 2 for the wedding barbecue the day before. Again fits perfectly and is very flattering and lovely material. Considering its maternity I don't think I'd pay the full price on the website as you'd get limited use but ebay has been brilliant image) x

  • ooh ive seen the flutter dress, its lovely. i was eyeing the short amelia dress in pink. its also a lace one. i may just order in two different sizes and send back whichever doesnt fit. i need it for 3 occasions from end of sept so feel its worth investing. especially as its my brothers wedding for a start.

    thanx so much for the info!

  • Am Soooo  struggling with finding maternity clothes. 

    It is hard to make just normal clothes but cut for a bump. 

    I have been looking thine but even there the choice is quite limited.

    also some of the things don't even flatter the beautiful girls modelling them so I have no chance.

    Bit ranty as am  feeling dumpy, frumpy and uncomfortable today, and in need of more clothes. ????


  • Asos has been a lifesaver for me with a few tops, skirts & dresses. H&M have had a few summery dresses too image  

    Good luck x 

  • i am 32weeks and have been living in maternity legging and tunic tops. x

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