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Announcing your pregnancy

Hey ladies, I know it's maybe A Personal thing and alot of folk like to wait till after the scan, but when are you announcing or have you told and how are you doing it?

im going on spa day with my mum by which time I will be 9 weeks, anyho seeing How I can't get. Massage now or use the jacuzzi, sauna she will guess, also stayang at hers the weekend after for a festival so she will see I'm not drinking! 

Im going to tell the in laws the same week then to keep it fair.

ive bought our son a t shirts which says 'I'm the big brother' and I'm just going to put it on him and see how long it takes them to read the t shirt and click! Lol


  • I told my parents/in-laws/friends as soon as I found out I was pregnant and telling Facebook at 13 weeks. xx

  • I have told parents and in-laws plus a couple of very close friends that had a baby recently, mainly so I could ask questions! 

    We won't be telling anyone else until the first scan shows all is as it should be.

  • I've told everyone straight away lol. We promised each other we would wait till 12 weeks but couldn't help ourselves. The only person I haven't told yet is my dad, he works away and is a serial hypochondriac so will be calling me every day to check im alright and I can't be doing with that! Oh and my dd, waiting till its obvious to tell her she's not even 4 yet and about to start school so don't want to overload her with too much new stuff x

  • I've told 3 x close friends and DH told 2 x close friends. We haven't told our families yet even, we'll wait until nearer 12 weeks.

  • Think some friends have guessed my close friend who I told early last time is also TTC, so I don't want to tell her in case it stresses her out it's hard not to sa anything, so fingers crossed she gets a BFp this month!

  • Well my dd has either been told by someone or ain't as daft as she looks! Just going round tesco and she said mummy were going to have a new baby In the house. I want it to be a girl and I want her to sleep with me so I can cuddle her and I want to push her pushchair LOL bless at least she's excited. I bet she's seen me buying nappies n stuff! She said nana told her, then nannie and now it's daddy but none of them have. I guess she just clicked on x

  • Oh bless her, very  cute, a lot of our friends are having their second now so I'm hoping ds fis getting used to other having baby's and he thinks it normal!

  • I had a miscarriage and a D&E back in April. My OB put me on BC and my fiance and I have decide to try again so I stopped taking them on the 8th of June and started my withdrawal bleeding on the 10th thru the 13th. My LMP was 5/26/2013. I have been having some pregnancy symptoms like increase in appetite, light cramps, going to pee once an hr and a little moody. Am I pregnant or just wishing I was? Is it too early to be pregnant?

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