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slipy fruit!

What fruits are good to give to babies to eat themselves? 

I have tried several fruits but they all seem to slip out of his hands and he cant grip them (the worst i discovered was banana!) I end up just mashing them and feeding him myself with a spoon. Any ideas?


  • I did thin slicec of melon, maybe peel an orange and take the skin off? Grapes cut in to halves, strawberries cut in to quarters maybe? x

  • Ive tried melon but not sure it was ripe enough as he just choked on it. Id not thought of trying grapes though so will def give it a go.  A friend suggested giving him a banana still in its skin but im not sure if he is too young, i have visions of him still trying to put the whole thing in his mouth! x

  • Yeah he might do lol. What about apples or pears? X

  • Ive tried pears and he drops them! He loves them mashed up but he ends up with more on the floor than in his mouth if i slice them. He will suck on apples but wont eat them for some reason x

  • As much of a faff as it is you need to peel grapes unless your little one has teeth because the skin makes them a choking hazard. You can buy these net things with a handle - think nuby do them that you put fruit / ice chips in for baby to suck on - might help with slippery fruit. X

  • Found it, sainsburys do them, it's called

    Nuby The Nibbler 6m+
  • He only has two teeth so ill peel them to start with then see how it goes. Nuby the nibbler looks fab! Thank you x

  • Mothercare also do a nibbler, cost is about £4. I tried some watermelon in it this morning, but Annabel didn't quite grasp the concept and certainly wouldn't hold it herself. She is only just five months so is probably a little too young for it yet.

    I have a teenage cousin who doesn't like the whites on oranges/tangerines (the pith) she uses one, so not just for babies ha ha.

  • I'm happy to report things are getting easier with the fruit, ive found strawberries and grapes the best and also melon cut into little cubes. Marley will be 9 months next week and the older and stronger he gets the better he is doing at keeping hold of his fruit (still cant grasp the banana though!!)

  • I used to slice large bananas into quaters lengthways (or small ones in half widthways) pop them on small, short lolly sticks or small chop sticks and freeze them. I would then let them defrost a little before giving to my LOs to have a munch on, great for hot days or teething!! (Always supervise though because of the sticks.) image

  • Please do not use these nuby food nets/suckers. These are very unhygienic, once you put food in them, they do not clean/wash well. Even after washing food remains on the net. Also, these are not good for weaning babies, it does not teach them the right way to eat food. It reinforces the sucking motion and not the munch and swallow technique of eating food.

  • We have been using our 'sucker' as Annabel is too young (and refuses) to do any baby led weaning. I think it's a great way to get fresh fruit juice into your LO and rehydrate her in this heat. Annabel won't take a bottle, so I give her the breast, tommie tippee feeder cup and now fruit segments to suck. I also think they help sooth teething pains, I cool the fruit in the fridge first.

    With regard to washing, I have soaked the net over night and then just cleaned with the rest of the washing up. Harjeet, I can understand your point, but I think that baby equipment has to go through such vigorous health and safety testing to conform with EU safety standards that if there was any doubt the product would not have been passed. With not reinforcing the sucking motion, I think if the baby is eating other foods and exploring other flavours and textures then surely this will enhance the baby's ability to eat a variety of food/textures using the sucking motion, chewing and swallowing etc??

  • I also wouldn't bother with a net. & you also don't need to peel grapes!! For BLW you can give fruit that isn't overly soft initially as it'll end up as mush & they can't really eat it. For us the best 1st fruit was pears/plums/nectarines/peaches quartered with the skin still on (no point in removing it as you'll then have to start to try to get them to eat it with it on which seems pointless). Melon was a little slippery as was papaya but she enjoyed them. I would leave apples until a bit later on as they're a bit hard as a 1st food.

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