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'can't live without' weaning equipment!

Hi Mums! I was just wondering what pieces of weaning equipment you felt/feel you could not have done without during the weaning process and why! what would you recommend to others? image


  • As we currently live in a very small house, and are in the process of moving, I have been quite streamlined when it comes to getting equipment!

    I had thought I was going to cook all my own food, and do the puree thing, and I already have a food processor.......... however I am on jars of food at the moment! So can't live-without kit:

    • Ikea picnic bowls - perfect size to hold in one hand, and can go in the microwave!
    • fork - to mush up bananas and other soft fruit!
    • tommee tippee explora heat sensing weaning spoons
    • bumbo-style chair (no room for highchair in current house!)
    • tommee tippee 'tip it up' cup

    So have only bought the spoons and cup image

  • My brother max storage pots are great for freezing food and the push up bases makes it easy to pop out frozen food into a bowl. I also use them when im out and about to prevent any food spilling into my bag.

    A splash mat to catch all the food that ends up on the floor! Although i now need a bigger one as the bigger he gets the further the food goes!

    Plenty of spoons (any will do but the soft flexible ones are great for the early stages) I find spoons everywhere! Then when i need one they are no where to be seen! So always have back up spoons image

    A high chair with a good size tray. I use a babystart one, its plastic so easy to wipe down after and is cheap and cheerful.

    My LO wouldn't drink out of any baby cups so we use a doidy now and it works perfectly

  • I found normal ice cube trays a good size for freezing bulk food, esp. In the beginning, you can then just 2 or 3 out as they want more.  Freeze then empty into freeze bags means they don't take up too much room in freezer.

  • I'm not normally one for random kitchen gadgets, but I have just found and bought this nifty little thing that hulls strawberries quickly and effectively!! no more wasted strawberry tops or red fingernails/cut fingers! Its fun to use too! my LO loves strawberries so this is very useful!! lol!






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