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20 week scan

I'm carrying baby number 4 and feel sooo blessed.  My due date is the 30th November.  My 20 week scan is a week on Tuesday.  I was thinking of maybe having a surprise this time as we found out with the last two babies but my hubby says it will drive him mad not knowing and really wants to find out.  He suggested just him finding out but I told him that wouldn't work as I would be quizzing him and looking for clues all the time.  What do you reckon, is it better to be organised or better to have a surprise on the day? image


  • I've been thinking about names and for a girl I really like Emelia or spelt Emilia, think the first spelling might be better.  My name is Emma so it's quite similar.  Struggling a bit for boys names, quite like Niall which is Irish form of Neil (hubby's name) so quite fitting. 

  • I wouldn't b able to have a surprise I'd need to find out lol but surprises are nice x

  • i didnt find out with my 1st but have with the other 5 and it was just as exciting the day they was born.surprises are good but i always like to get colours . even if you do know what your having its still amazing when you meet them for the first time. what do you have already? do you have any feelings what your having?                        26weeks 5 days pink bump x






  • I didn't find out with my first either but this time we found out at an early gender scan! We were too impatient to wait till our 20 week scan!

    It's an entirely personal choice! X

  • I had a surprise with the 1st which was a boy then with the 2nd really wanted to know so found out at 20wk scan and was a girl.... on number 3 now and will find out this time as I liked calling my bump the name we had picked and picking clothes to suit.  Plus I have kept everything so need to organise myself with being due around xmas time.  We have a couple by us, the man didn't want to know and the lady did and fair play to her she has kept the secret!!  xx


    I didn't find out with my first which was a girl (now 10), I found out with my 2nd and 3rd, 2 boys aged 6 and 19 months now.  I feel a bit girly this time but that might be cause I'd quite like a girl this time, although I don't like to say that because I wouldn't feel disappointed with a boy.  I have a girls name but not a boys name.  image

  • we found out with our first (boy) but are staying yellow this time. i wasnt sure about finding out last time either but hubby really wanted to so we did. this time im sticking to my guns. i really want my husband to be the one to tell me what it is when the baby is born image

    i did enjoy knowing though too and i miss buying the appropriate clothes hehe

  • Ah that is lovely waiting for hubby to be the one to tell you.  I still can't decide whether to find out, my scan is on Tuesday so I'm going to have to make my mind up lol xx

  • haha i need to make sure the midwife knows so she doesnt blurt it out herself when the baby is born image i admit its sooo tempting when i have a scan to just find out. it would be so easy to ask. but as soon as the scans over im glad we didnt find out and normally my curiosity isnt too bad. its fun guessing.

  • I had my scan and found out that we are expecting a little girl!!  We are really pleased.  image  The Sonographer did say that my placenta is low so I have to have another scan at 36 weeks, has anybody else had this before?

  • Congrats!! X

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