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hi all hope your all good.    have any of you decided on names yet ?  or hava a list? we are calling are baby girl savannahimage   26weeks 5days pink bump x


  • That's gorgeous x

  • thank you x  hows your pregnancy going?

  • a bit poo lol! had a bit of brown discharge and stuff, and feeling very tired and achey, sore bbs, very sick and headaches. my first was a breeze so i knew this time round would be harder. hoping it means its a boy as had a girl first and carried and laboured really easily! how about you x

  • i know what you mean had the headaches and  really sick. plus been more worried this time as had mc in dec 12 then conceived straight away.   im more tired this time but because i have 5 children already. 4boys and a girl 3.    hope you feel better soon so you can enjoy your pregnancy.touch wood my sickness has finaly gone 27 weeks today image x

  • Sorry not been on for ages im never able to get on the pc these days, this little lady is going to be Hollie Avery Anne Spear. im now 25+4

  • lovely name dani.   my baby will be savannah susan jean the middle names are our mums names. hows thing going?  im huge 30weeks 2days x

  • bless you hun that a nice name, my bump has been getting bigger the past week, think shes fattening out. shes still lying sideways, hope she goes head down doon, im petrified of the thought of a c section image xxx

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