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Are Emma's Diary packs and Bounty packs the same thing?

I've just been to Boots with my Emma's Diary voucher and I've managed to come away with a Bounty pack...are they the same thing?  The picture looked different on the voucher but the cashier (male!) was adamant it was the right one.  The Bounty pack I've got is number I don't know what's happened to pack number 1 lol.  Does anyone know if they are the same? 

Thanks image


  • just from looking online i'd say they were different things.  bounty website says you get pack 1 from your midwife and pack 2 from boots or superdrug and there are 5 in total that you get throughout your pregnancy 2 are given to you on the labour ward.

    The emma's diary ones you get from boots or argos and there are 3 to collect throughout your pregnancy and to get them you have to download the vouchers from the emma's diary website. 

  • Thank you Tasha.  Looks like they've given me the wrong one then! x

  • Pack 1 you will get from midwife at your booking in appointment. I'm not brave enough to get any others yet until I know all is ok. xx

  • I'd go back tomorrow and have a moan! Lol, they are different but the contents aren't that different. Bounty has the edge though xx
  • I didn't get a pack at my booking in!  But then I didn't get my mat exemption card either!

  • Socks, ask the midwife if she can leave one at reception for you xx
  • The Emma's diary pack you can get at argos or lloyds pharmacy - they are rubbish though! Bounty packs are great, loads of freebies, and you should have got number 1 at your booking in appt. Make sure you join all the baby clubs online - you get loads of free stuff!


  • Were in dagenham essex can I get it from As I ave tried to get the 27 weeks mums to be pack and bump to baby I am avin trouble findin the right place to get it
  • Oh my gosh, I did not realise that they were diffeterent.

    I will be having words with my midwife...and then I'll get excited about the freebies.

    Thanks ladies x

  • Hi Ladies, the Bounty packs, usually your first you get from your first bookign appoingtment, just really an information pack, the next one "Mum-to-be pack" you can pickup from ASDA, Boots or Superdrug, the 3rd pack "newborn pack" you will get on the maternity ward at the hospital and then the 4th and final pack "Family Pack" you can collect from ASDA, Boots or Superdrug once your baby is born.

    The Emma's Diary packs, these are avaialbe from Boots and Argos, you can register online at Emma's Diary and print off the vouchers and collect all 3 at once if you like, eactily what I have donen today, Mum to be, Bump to Baby and New Family.

    Hope this helps you all out c

  • hi i downloaded emmas diary vouchers from website and recieved all 3 packs at once but now after 2 months i have been sent throgh post another mum to be voucher can i calim it again or not
  • Yeah go for it I did I had 2 of the mum to be packs x

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