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What is your LO's favourite food?

Hi Mums! I was wondering if your little ones had a particular food/ flavour combination they just cant get enough of! at the moment my LO loves green beans, falafel and hommous and any kind of yoghurt with strawberries and melon by the bucketload!! image


  • My little man likes avocado and banana !!!!

  • Yum! Good Taste! image My LO has now got hooked on sweetcorn! its crazy how fast she will eat it!

  • My LO was given puree carrot for the first time last night, she screamed like I have never heard her scream before when the portion was finished. I had to give her another half portion, she absolutely loved it. I felt quite mean when I stopped feeding her. I am currently giving her 2-3 days of the same food as I slowly introduce her to new flavours/tastes, so with carrot again I'm sure tonight's dinner time will be fun. 


  • My LO was mad for carrot too! even more so when I pureed it with sweet potato! image

  • My little one loves sweet potato, yogurt and lentils.

  • Oh yes! My LO is a big fan of those too! she loves dahl dishes and roasted sweet potato and you can't go wrong with a good yoghurt! image

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