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Baby doesn't take enough milk

Hello there

I have just started weaning my baby, porridge for breakfast mixed with a little formula and then a home made veg puree with a yoghurt for lunch.

The think is she doesn't want any bottle with these meals or inbetween, she's only really hungry for her 6.30pm 6oz bottle and then still has one in the night around 5oz.

I have read and been told that they still need around 20oz of formula a day which I find hard to get down her as she's getting nutrients from her solid food.

Maybe she's off her food cause she's teething but I'm not sure, she has had one tooth poke through this week but I just think to solids are filling her up, and surely thats the idea of weaning, to get her on a solid died.

Many thanks to any advise on this



  • We've found the same with our lo who is now 8 months that breakfast we make up 8oz of milk and offer this to him first - he will normally drink 4-5oz of this so then we put the rest if it into his breakfast (either oatabix or ready brek).  He has lunch - sometimes I will mix 1oz of milk into this if its potato / or cheesy type lunch. i then give him a bottle at 3:30-4:00 when he's peckish and he'll normally drink 4-5oz.  Then dinner and again if its potato /cheesy type thing I'll add an oz. Then at bedtime he takes 5-6 oz. We've found he'll only take a little bit if milk now at each feed so sneaking it into good really helps, we also dream feed at 10:30 and he'll normally take 7oz so that's how we top him up to meet the 17-21oz a day guidelines. Just remember that all dairy products count towards the 17-21 guidelines too so giving extra cheese/custard/cheese sauce/yoghurt will all count.  I think the reason for the milk is because of the calories it provides them but not 100%certain on that. Hope that helps a bit. Xxx

  • i do baby led weaning and offer formula in a tippee cup just before he eats and with his meals im bf after 3:00 as im weaning him befoee i go back to work.. hes taking 200mls from 7:30-3! and im up every 2 hours at night feeding him as hes making up the calories, thats just meant to be one feed but he wont take a bottle at all, i just remind myself that this wont last and hes adjusting to a new way of doing things he certainly wont starve and im sure iys the same for your little one. as the other post say using it in cooking and cereal counts as does yoghurts etc.image

  • You said that he was teething? It might just be that he was in pain when you gave him the bottle, he might have been uncomfortable? If so obviously this will pass.

    If you think it is more than just teething, why not trying him with a tommie tippee feeder cup and let him feed himself some milk. Carrying this around with you means you can give him small amounts often (within guidelines of how long formula should be consumed once made up). It might be that he doesn't like being fed now he has found his independence with baby-led weaning.

    One thing's for sure, if he's hungry, he will let you know.

    Good luck and let us know how you get on.

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