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She's ready but am I??

My daughter is 25 months and wants to wear knickers....yikes!! We're on day 2 of potty training. She had 2 accidents yesterday and none so far today but she goes to nursery tomorrow and I'm worried about it all falling apart. Also our drive is 45 mins and I dont know if she can go that long without needing a wee! But putting a nappy on for the journey seems wrong. Any ideas?


  • I am doing the training for 5days.i am using a potty chair,that i with the potty,sit over it.Makes games.....i downloded a great app called potty training learing with the son loves it..

  • hiya, the nursery should support your potty training efforts and carry this on at nursery with her - just pack spare knickers /clothes. As for the drive, could you put her in pull ups? Or is there a convenient half way stop you could make for wee? Otherwise you could get her to go right before you leave, sit her on a towel (or you can buy those mats they give you on the maternity ward) and hope for the best, she might surprise you. Good luck. X

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