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Exhaustion & work?!

Hi everyone,

i am new to the group. I was just wondering if the doctor can sign me off work for a couple of weeks due to exhaustion? I'm constatly tired! Also I have SPD type pain and lately my foot has began to swell up. I work as a care assistant in a very busy care home. I am 30 weeks pregnant with only 2 weeks left of work before my maternity leave as i also have holidays to take. I'm really struggling to mentally prepare myself just to get up for work - never mind being at work! I broke down on my break yesterday because I was so tired. My manager has went of on holiday for two weeks and out acting manager is not helpful what so ever! I really can't cope much longer, I have had to call into work sick as i am so tired. 


Any suggestions? Help me!


  • Yeah just ask them. Turn the waterworks on if you need to lol x

  • Thanks for your reply! I will call up on Monday as I'm really struggling as I also still get up during the night with my 11 month old. She needs her own room as she still sleeps with us in our room. Guessing I'm just leaving everything to the last minute! She is being put in with her brother tonight though. Hopefully that helps too! 

  • not sure if it's the same everywhere, but at my work if are signed off sick in the last month of pregnancy your maternity leave automatically kicks in - I guess at 30 weeks you should be ok, but might be worth checking before you make a decision. Good luck xx 

  • I think it's if you're off sick with a pregnancy related illness 4 weeks before youre due to leave, so if you can get them to sign you off with work related stress or something then you may be ok. It's only 2 weeks tho so it's not the end of the world if it means less stress for u n baby x

  • Thanks everyone. The manager who is in my work is useless. Been saying for a week she will sort my holidays prior to my maternity leave and still hasn't done it! So I doubt she would let me leave earlier ha! I will call doctor and my midwife to see what can be done. 

  • Unfortunately she doesn't have a choice lol xx

  • I shall call her up on Monday and see if she is willing for me to leave early. I can't see a doctor until Tuesday as it is a bank holiday up here on Monday and I am working Tuesday. So I will have another sick day on my file image 

  • You can take your maternity leave anywhere up to 11 weeks before your baby is due, so just start your maternity leave 2 weeks earlier, just means you'll have to go back 2 weeks early image thats what I did! I left work at 31 weeks, because I had holidays to take and because I have a very manual job where im on my feet all day and also its a very hot environment, so by 31 weeks I was exhausted and really struggling. I just spoke to my personnel manager and explained that if she didnt start my leave early I would go sick. She caved inimage good luck xx

  • I have to give my work written notice don't I? I thought it was 28 days notice? I have abweeks week to decide either way! Thankyour your help image

  • In my last pregnancy I planned to finish at 36 weeks but was so totally knackered the gp signed me off at 33 weeks sick for 3 weeks and my mat leave started as I had planned at 36 weeks. Either way definitely get signed off and rest xxx good luck xxx

  • How did u get on with work chick? X

  • Hi lovely, you are allowed to sign yourself off sick for 3-5 days without a dr certificate and you can always say to work you have picked up a bug from your little one without work ever knowing the real deal.  it might be the best way if you only have a week or two left before you go on mat leave. When at work if i were you just tell them you are unable to do anything physically demanding and will only be able to take on light duties for the next week or so, fake a bad back or something if you have to but you take care of you and your baby, the job/work will all still be there when you are on leave and it will be taken care of, so for the sake of a week i'd take it easy, they will think no more of you for doing 'everything' so take a lesser approach.  And when at home do anything to make life easier for you and don't be afraid to ask for help, family or a close friend will always be able to do a job or two to ease the strain, i know its hard with a little one already in tow so don't feel guilty for asking for help.  Also if you have a surestart centre near you they have trained professional parent advisors there that might be able to help and they are always on your side and can recommend services/help available to you.  Good luck and try not to worry xx

  • Just a quick thing that stood out. Sickness days due to pregnancy can't be counted as usual sick or used against you etc. 

  • What Belle has said is true as I was off sick yesterday and went back today and had to fill in the forms. Just had to tick the pregnancy related box.

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