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To early to get organised????

Hi, I am 24 weeks and keen to start getting everything readying for the arrival of our 2nd little one ( a pink one). 

but OH is concerned it is too early to really do much.

what do people think, how early are you getting stuff ready for your arrival?


  • We did have some stuff from last time, but the room is ready, curtains up, cot and drawers and wardrobe up, brought all my bottles as got steriliser, a few toys, 21 packs of nappies n loads of toiletries and wipes, breast pads n towels n that. Just waiting to see what were having so I can start buying clothes n bedding as got loads of girls stuff in the loft Already. I did get made redundant on 4th though so we wanted to start early while I still had a job x

  • Wow LH! You really are organised! I'm almost 26 weeks and have done nothing! I have bought a pram but that is it.  We still have the cot from our first daughter but it's still in the shed!!  We're going way mid August so I doubt anything will get done till after that!! 

  • I was super organised with my first, bar my hospital bag lol. Just thought its worth doing while I had the money as on the dole now Lol and kitting out dd for school next month has cost a fortune too x

  • Hiya Hun I'm 24. Weeks and was wondering when to get my bag packed  few more months I guess when are you due must be around the same time ? X

  • I have evereything nearly for baby just need hospital bag and stuff for it 

  • Dd is the 11/11/13. 

    I which seems ages away some days but other days I am quite shocked how quick the last 24 weeks have gone. 


  • Aww I'm due 16/11/13 same here  they have flew but still a while to go x

  • We are in the middle of decorating baby's room. Have kept everything of Riley's so just need to do lots of sorting etc and the setting up of cot/draws etc which I hope to do by end of August. Painting and wallpaper to do then can get carpet laid. All systems go I say as now we are passed 24 weeks (viable) I don't see it as a problem to be organised xx

  • aww thats good rileysmummy well prepared haha image  how you xx

  • yes i am more prepared this time and quite like it. when I was expecting Riley we were trying to buy a house and didn't end up buying and moving in until the day before my due date so was cutting it very fine. Luckily he was 12 days late so managed to do quite a bit of sorting but he was in our room until he was 10 months old as his room needed completely doing. I can't wait to get baby's room finished so I can sort through all the clothes and things. Bought some nappies wipes and breast pads today. Boring but useful stuff. Just trying to buy a few bits from morrisons every month now. Xx

  • Yeh other is putting the furniture up now. So will be able to put things away

  • We've still done nothing image

    Struggling with my spd and hubby is having to do everything else as well as a full time job working shifts so it's a bit hard at the moment! Also, trying really hard to get sorted as we go to Ibiza in a week and then as soon as we come back we're off to London for 4 days!  Then we get back, my daughter goes back to school then it's her birthday!  All go, go go at the moment!

    I guess we'll have to get sorted as soon as her birthday has passed!! xxx


  • aww thats good rileysmummy i have mostly evreything now image aww bless hushpuppy xx

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