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My son has blood outside of his brain

Hi ladies, I'm 32 weeks. Everything was fine until my last scan (last friday). My ob just found that my son had blood outside of this brain and that the size of his head is measuring 2 weeks ahead of the rest of the body. He also have his celebral median line pushed towards the right side (i dnt know if this makes sense to you guys...) I keep crying and don't know what to think/do/feel about it. The doctors keep telling me that it's not my fault but I can't stop feeling guilty. I'm really confused, worried and scared about my son's future health... I'm having hard time to realize what's happening since everything was JUST fine until now.

Has this happened to anyone elses's babies? any reples would be much appreciated..

Thank you! xoxo


  • Im so sorry to read this i really am! I cant really offer advice as ive not heard of this before but just wanted to say im thinking f you and hope the doctors or other readers can offer advice. Wishing you all the best xxx

  • imalso sorry love be strong and keep praying and i think you must wait and see your baby when its time to. mybe doctors will give advace about this

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