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Hi ladies,


my hubby and I are about to ttc our second baby but we had a pretty horrible first experience mainly due to induction. So I am considering a vaginal birth again (ended in 36hours and c section last time) but worried it would all go wrong again.

i recognise that if I feel this way my stress might cause it to go bad so is there anything you have done after a bad first labour to prepare or feel better for a second go?


im looking at doula etc but hoped you may all have some inspirinf stories. image

I know they say each labour is different. But life teaches us to run from bad experiences so hard to ignore the base instinct!



  • HI hun , I would not like to go through a first labour again , have to say my subsequent births were much easier - even enjoyable , I bought a hypno birthing cd for my last pregnancy, sadly mc'd that pregnancy but have kept hold of it for next time ( ever the optomist) ,  sure you would be fine next time , the memories stay with us though don't they , I would def give the hypno birthing thing a try though , have read fab reviews on it x x

  • Thanks evenmum.

    I just don't want to feel like it is my fault if it is awful again.  I have the option of an elective section and unfortunately am likely to get ICP again which will mean I NEED a c section so it might not be that I have the choice.  But if there's a possibility of a labour which means I might avoid the long recovery of a c section I might take it.


    I guess the pros of the elective are that I know when and how and what I am facing. My main issue last time was recovery was long because the whole labour was intense, baby back to back and his head was stuck and contractions were incoherent but mainly less than 5 mins apart the whole time.  3 hours of pushing on top and then the surgery meant I was quite badly dehydrated, anaemic (narrowly missed a transfusion) and completely exhausted.  I was very lost for a good 2 weeks - didn't really know where I was.  Even after that I healed slowly and was prone to infection.


    My biggest fear is c section after an intense/long labour. 

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