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Annabel is currently teething, we haven't actually got a tooth yet but she has all the signs of one of those little nippers soon appearing.

I've found that giving her really cold food is soothing for her. I have pureed a number of fruit based dishes (see recipe exchange thread) that I keep in the freezer, I remove one/two in the morning and place in the fridge. By the time we are ready to eat them they are really really cold but defrosted, perfect to help painful and swollen gums.

If doing baby led weaning a tip would be to place sliced pieces of fruit in the freezer or the fridge and then let your LO suck and nibble on them.

If you think that your LO has pain and is struggling to eat then try calpol (dose according to the bottle) about thirty minutes before feeding.


  • This was a stage that I found very hard as marley had always been a great eater but teething really put him off his food. After getting advise off the weaning village forums I made him fruit and yogurt ice lollies that soothed his gums and enabled him to eat some fresh healthy fruit. He now has 4 teeth but all the signs are suggesting it wont be long till the next ones come through. Time to quickly make room in the freezer!!

  • Teething Update

    Annabel now has one tooth, with all the pain, crying, and not sleeping, I was hoping we would get a few together. Just one little white spike, poking through her gum at the bottom! It is very sharp!!

    Before the tooth was cut I gave her semi circles of cold cucumber to suck on which really helped (I held on to them while she sucked). She also enjoyed sucking on frozen bananas and other cold fruit purees.

    It was distressing to watch as she loves her food but was crying and in pain when we fed her, she didn't want to stop though as she just loves eating.

    Calpol worked really well but giving Calprofen (ibuprofen) (dose according to bottle) gave additional help, this is an anti-inflammatory so helps reduce swelling around the tooth site which of course will reduce the pain. I also used teething gel which contains a small dose of local anaesthetic so numbs the area of pain and is short lasting, this can be applied a number of times a day. What really worked for us was to ensure Annabel had a dose of medicine about thirty minutes before she had her meals.

    No doubt we will be doing all of the above again soon as another little nasher decides to make an appearance.

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