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Had a proper stressful year so far, lost one bean at 10weeks few months back and wife fell pregnant straight away again - read my thread "feel so helpless" and "lost 2nd bean" for the whole story but basically....

Two weeks on from the last scan and baby is now 20mm and "doing great" the big bleed was a 2nd sac (luckily its now empty) that should get reabsorbed soon. 

We're both so happy! Every time she's sick I do a little dance, not exactly sympathetic haha but she understands and is smiling throughout! Next scan is our 12 weeks but will be more like 14w.

Here he/she is, 9 weeks today according to the measurements and dates. 




  • Awww I'm so pleased for you mate that's great news image x

  • Thanks LH, how're you getting along? Hope all is ok x

  • image


    I'm fine a bit fed up of feeling rubbish but everyone says I look great so hoping that means its a boy cuz I felt fab n looked $hit with my dd. find out wot were having on 31st but I'm thinking blue. babys nub looks a little willyish i think lol x



  • Haha my wife looks great and feels terrible! She's sick ALL the time and rather than hating it, she sees it as baby saying hello! Cant wait to see a more "baby looking" scan like yours although we're gonna try out best not to find out the gender till the birth! 

  • You're stronger than I am lol! Wud b nice to have a surprise though x

  • Hey guys, hope all going well for everyone?! Me and the wife have a private scan booked for today. We just couldn't wait for 4 weeks without knowing everything was ok. Can't wait to see baby again - he/she was 20.3mm last time (about 2weeks ago) and 4mm two weeks earlier so hoping to see a big growth spurt in our little one

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