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Had iui done yesterday.... Apparently once cleaning my husbands sperm up 4 million was but back with 85% of it being very good. We Dtd last night and this morning. Has anyone got any stories of what happened when they done iui and got a bfp. I've took today off work to relax x


  • Hi Lottie that is a good result they were not v clear about the numbers but the motility and morphology did improve lots after the spinning and washing. We dtd that eve and next morning. TBH I just had to carry on as normal I worked 6 days in a row, did all the driving as hubby had sprained his foot! I was naughty and tested early from day 12 post iui and got a faint 2nd line on internet cheapies. Had sore boobs but put that down to progesterone pessaries. How did you find the iui? x

  • Hi Joey, well im 5 days past my iui now. havent had any sypthoms really... i was off mon, tue and wed from work but thats because hubbie was like i just want you to relax! lol... and he knew that if i went back to work i wouldnt... We dtd the evening of the iui the next morning and i was laying down for most of the day ... that evening then the next morning... didnt do anything yesterday but will dtd tonight even though if something was going to happen im pretty sure it would have happened by now.

    The actual procedure was a little uncomfortable but didnt hurt.

    Im just really hoping its worked....

    I had some CM yesterday but thats about it.

    Did you have any symthoms? I meant to test a week on monday but im going to test next friday. How are getting along now? xx
  • Hi Lottie sorry been so busy but wanted to reply, what cycle day are you? I was 12 days past iui when I began to test. Are you testing this Friday? 16th? I had a few weird things a little back ache like I needed to click my hips if you know what I mean like I had slept funny. That was about it, a little more hungry and it was when we had the heatwave so I thought that odd too. The IUI I found quite painful and she pushed in the cathater to far ouchie! but I am not complaining now lol! Really hope it has worked for you Lottie and Friday comes around quickly. How many follicles did you have? we only had one. 

    I am good thank you got sore boobs and feeling bloated and queasy so all good signs I guess, just cant wait for the early scan! xx

  • Hi Joey, thanks for replying I Am on day 6 after iui day 21 of my cycle. I've been told not to test till not this Monday next but hey 2 days before won't hurt.... I had 2 follicles over 18mm one was 21 and the other I think was 18mm both on my left side and a few little ones on my right that she said she was not going to measure.

    I tested today don't no why I no it's way way to early but the test was there so I done it... Bfn of course, but at least now there are no more in the house till I buy one on Friday. .... Have been bait achey today but don't no if that's just my imagination.

    I've prayed everyday and Im not a religious person lol... just want this so much....

    When is your early scan? I bet you can't wait .!

    I'm defiantly going to go for an early scan.

    Do u no how far you are?

    Thanks so much for replying back... It really helps talking to people that have gone through the same xx
  • lol we all test early dont be too hard on yourself! you had a trigger shot didnt you? getting a BFN at least means this is outta your system, I worried when I got my faint positive it was because of the trigger. I did lots of wishing/praying etc and hoping for the best too! so is it this Friday you test?

    Early scan is 22nd cannot wait think it will feel more real then, we get excited then keep having to contain it a bit cos we cant let go until everything is ok. I am 6 weeks and 1 day today. I will be 7+3 at the scan. Take care and I have my fingers crossed for you xx

  • Thanks Joey, did u have any discharge or bloating. ? Ive had lots of little aches and been really bloated but no discharge.

    My boobs were bait sore round the sides this morning but all signs that I get when af is nearly here... Only time will tell.

    Hope all goes well with your scan xx
  • Hiya yeah I was really bloated after the procedure and had sore boobs too so was expecting AF, really hope it is good news for you, I had a little smear once but that was the day after the procedure a little blood I think. Lower back pain was the first thing that made me hopeful. 

    All the best Lottie


  • Hi Joey.... Bad news im afraid af has come early.... absolutey devastated image

  • So sorry chick x

  • Oh hun I am so sorry image sending you hugs and strength xx

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