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Hi everyone I just need to have a little moan!

Im 36 weeks and 3 days today and finished work a couple of weeks ago. Have been feeling really down and fed up for the last week or so.  Im so uncomfortable and seem to spend my whole life trekking upstairs to the bathroom every 5 mins to pee!

I havent seen my midwife for my last 3 appointments as she was off sick and then on holiday and havent liked having all these different stand ins. The one I saw last week for my 36 wk appt I really didnt like at all and she said baby has turned back to back and if he doesnt turn back round again then labour will be a lot longer and more painful. She said baby has dropped to the rim of my pelvis but is not engaged.  Felt so deflated when I got home that I just had a big cry. 

I know its the final stages now and should just be happy but feel like its never coming to an end and am just gunna be pregnant forever. Everything aches and am not sleeping very well at all am bloody exhaustes.

is anybody feeling the same at all? Sorry for the huge depressing moan! X


  • Sorry you are feeling so down. What you have written describes exactly how I feel too, so you are not alone. I can't sleep thanks to the spd pain and my jiggly baby. I am huge and heavy and I'm not even 34 weeks yet!! Also my daughter was induced at 2 weeks overdue so I am reckoning on 8 weeks left image  

    I am fed up with them changing my midwife, my first one was lovely but this new one is just so judgemental and stupid, I can't be bothered. It makes me angry that people like her are allowed to be in the profession given the vulnerability of pregnant women and new mums. I just read that at my 36 week appointment they will 'discuss my weight' I mean, how stupid, not much I can do about it now, is there!! I think I will just say straight out 'You can weigh me but I have nothing to discuss' I know they'll make me feel like rubbish but I can't even walk to the shops - what am I meant to do?

    Ha, sorry, I've just moaned way more than you! Just wanted to say you are not alone and I hope you feel more positive tomorrow. Watch something funny on tv and give yourself a proper laugh. Remember babies are so worth it and it really won't be long now before you  meet your new family member and then all this discomfort and frustration will be forgotten, until next time, that is! xXxXxXxXx

  • Sorry, I had a bad night last night - so little sleep, think I was feeling rather down and just moaned rather than trying to help. Don't worry about position of baby yet as still a way to go, I have heard that if you get on all fours as much as possible then it encourages a back to back baby to turn. Other than that my advice would be put your feet up and take it easy, enjoy your last few weeks and have some real mummy-daughter time before new baby turns up and she has to share you. When I feel fed up I just get a cuddle off my little girl and it reminds me how worthwhile it all is. She is toilet training at the mo so I am up and down the stairs for her and me every 5 mins, lol. Wishing had downstairs loo now. Hope you feel a bit better this morning xXxXxXx

  • You are def not alone!!! I am always uncomfortable at the moment, am 36 +2 not sleeping, my SPD is sooooo painful, I need a wee soon as I have been for a wee.  I had bad braxton hicks last night & really thought this was it, but woke this morning all intact, my bump is painful where the skin is stretching more.....but on the plus side hubby finished painting the nursery so now I get get in there & sort all my bits n pieces out which I am excited about, I have practically finished work now, just doing a few tidying up loose ends next week.

    I cant believe how quickly its gone & cant wait to meet my baby that thought gets me through the tough time....although I think I am slightly more excited to be able to sleep in my tummy again image

    Chin up, we are on the home straight now x x 

  • hi all. i know how you feel im 32weeks 5days and i see my consultant the other day,what a complete &%$£"" my baby is measuring big about 4 half lb,she  is also laying sideways.all he said was come back at 36weeks and book a c section if she hasnt moved,i was so upset. luckily shes my 6th baby and i know she has time to move, also was told my daughter would be 9lb  she was 10days late and 6lb so i know they could be wrong.  i feel huge though and cant sleep    cant wait now x

  • Thanks for your replies everyone its nice to know im not the only one feeling like this. My friends and family can be a bit like 'oh stop moaning you're almost at the end now' which is fine but it doesnt make the days seem any more bearable.

    ive beeb told at each apointment since about 29 weeks that little man is measuring 2 weeks ahead but as you said calee dont think that makes amy difference half the time. Your consultant sounds a right prat! 

    Babytummy your post made me smile and cheered me up a lot. Although its horrible to hear how bad everyone seems to be suffering with spd.

    I feel tempted to take castor oil if there's no progress by 38 wk appt but theres such mixed reviews about it I dont think id dare guess am just gunna have to wait if I dont pass out from tiredness before then! Xx

  • Babytummy they've tried to say about my weight as well think they just need to shush lol xx

  • hi talielli,  your right he was a prat he said she big cose shes well feed,not sure what that means but if he was saying im fat then 5 5 and norm weight 9 half st im now 11st.    34weeks tomorrow x

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