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Dipping heartrate

Did anyone else have an idiot for a doctor that let you continue with a vaginal birth while your baby's heartrate kept dipping?


  • How do you mean kept dipping?  I had 2 vaginal births & both my girls had slower heartrates imbetween contractions but raised heartrates during contractions.  If you are saying that your baby's heartrate didn't rise during each contraction then I would be asking to go through your medical notes for the delivery to determine why they took the actions they did and a c-sec wasn't considered.  Best wishes.

  • My babies heart rate dipped between contractions, I ended up needing forceps, it turned out that his cord was rond his neck which was why is heart rate dropped but he was fine

  • My childrens heartrates dipped during my contractions. Still continued to have vaginal births with both. The first I was on the drip so they kept turning it off and on. The 2nd there was no drip but still dipped during contractions going back up inbetween.

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