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Just started ivf wanted to say hi

Hello me and my hubby have been TTC since feb 2010 finally it's all beginning started injections 21/7 anyone a similar time?? Back at clinic 13/8 for bloods and scan and see if next stage finding it all very exciting but very anxious too as really don't know what to expect as each day arrives good luck to all you ladies and men at whatever stage you are at in your quest to concleve xxxx


  • Hi Clareadarea

    I am just about to start the nasal sprays and we have been trying to concieve since 2008 after an ectopic pregnancy went seriously wrong, i also have polycystic ovaries and therefore getting the correct dosage on the nasal spray is i have heard it may therefore just be a test run to start off lol.

    But looking on the brightside, we are finally there and starting treatment.

    I look forward to hearing your story and the best of luck. x

  • Hello ladies

    This forum has been a great support for me, the ladies have always been very supportive and great at 'listening'.

    I'm in limbo at the moment, our 1st ivf failed and I'm currently waiting until I'm allowed to start our Frozen cycle ( only have 2 embryos frozen from last attempt) looks like I'm not going to be able to start until October'ish

    Good luck and hope your bfp's are not too far away xx
  • Hi Clareadarea,

    Just wanted to know what happened on the 13/8 were you successful to proceed to the next stage. I am anxious to know coz I am starting my treatment on the 31/8. I am very scared to get disappointed if the IFV first attemp fails

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