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hi all i hope someone can help me, my husband and i have been trying a year for a baby and found out it finely happend but im confused ,my last period was on 10th july BUT it wasnt like a normal period it was just spotting on the 10th and half day on the 11th, the month before that was 15th june had a noraml period lasted 3 days image my cycle is 25 days any how i taken the clear blue and came up pregnany 1-2 i went to a clinic the next day (5th august) and they did a test and came back yes but they didnt say anything just said book in to the docs. So i did and he didnt say anything just said if the clinic said yes then you are and booked me in with the midwife, i taken another one today and it said pregnant 2-3 my question is can i be more then the 4weeks 6days as the passed week iv been feeling really sick gone of my food going toilet every 5 mins and my breasts are killing me i dont think i should be feeling any of this this early ?????? has anyone taken one of these tests and turns out they are more along then it says????


  • Hello chick,


    Congratulations. Yes, if they say 1-2 weeks pregnant then you are actually 4 weeks pregnant and if they say 2-3 then you are probably 5-6 weeks along. I think Clearblue have explained it on the leaflet that comes with the tests - I remember reading through it before.

    My experience with the docs was the same, but please do not worry,the midwife will point you in the right direction. They will send a referral for your first hospital appointment (registration) and the hospital will then sort the scans out . . .

    Good luck hun and a hppy and healthy 9 months


  • I used these tests and had an unreliable result on the 2-3 weeks setting. First thing in the morn it would say was 2-3 but later in the day back to 1-2. Could your light bleed on 10th july have been implantation bleed though? Congrats on your pregnancy!xx

  • hi hun do you mean 2-3 is 4-5? not really sure new to the digital ones lol and thanks hun

    And thats what i thought but that would make me 8-9 weeks but the test came out 2-3 what on the back im sure it said 4-5 weeks x

  • Hi babe 

    1-2 makes you 2-3

    2-3 makes you 3-4 

    And 3+ makes u over 5 weeks.

    I think docs take it from the 1st day of your last period but the clear blue do it from 2 weeks after your last period.

    I hope this helps if u are worrid ask for an early scan yo help with dating pregnancy xx

  • thanks hun will defo ask if i can have an early scan image x

  • I would they did for me so fingers crossed for you xx

  • they said no image so im going private booked in for 15th sept x

  • Good luck chick xx

  • Pooh fx for u. How ru Sarah, nice holiday? X

  • Hello LH86

    Enjoying my holiday but for some reason iv not ovulates this month as of yet.....i was due to ovulate on the 17th but no signs of it at all image bit gutted as i was ready ttc again.

    Not use if to go to the docs or not when i get back home next week xx

  • Hey sarah image I yhink if you go to the docs they'll just say its due to the mc. Give it a few more days, your ov day can change from month to month anyway, especially after such a recent trauma to your body  xxx

  • Hi babe thanks for the info image

    I think in my head i already know its gonna take time to fall again i just want it so badly, iv just meet my nephew for the first time and his coming up to 8 months and its made me realise just how much i want to be a mummy again.

    My holiday in devon is almost over and i cant wait to get back home and start ttc againimage bit hard when your staying with family lol lucky partner still has a week and few days off image

    I really dont want to start testing for ovulation it just seems like extra pressure to fall pregnant if that makes sence?

    I know my body has been through the mill the last few year with losing an ovary and tube and then having my little boy then losing my little bean but id love to be pregnant again before the year is out xxx

    How are you getting on huni?

  • Not too good hun! I've finally ovd but until a couple of days ago I thought I ovd on cd15, then 2 days ago I noticed loooads of ewcm, and cervix HSO. My temp shot up this morning and cervix immediately went LFC with sticky cm. So now ive no idea whether im 9dpo or 1dpo. Plus, idiot that I am, peed on a stick for no reason whatsoever today other than the v.slim chance that I might be 9dpo after all and MIGHT get a bfp. Of course, I dont need to tell you the result -.- glad you're enjoying your hols hun, and loads of baby dust for this cycle! Xxx

  • Oh babe not good image

    I cant wait to start testing again this month, my nipples have been very tender the last 2 days and iv had a stnking head ache f9r 2 days but not had any sticky cm this month as of yet little confussed there xx

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