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hi yall im 31 weeks today with my first 2 months ago my baby was 2 1/2lbs but they have goten my due date wrong in was to resize my baby but never did now i went to the doc today he is 5lbs i have  diabetes type 2  but big babies run on both sides of the family doc said something funny today said that were im short he dont think ill have him the right way i told him big babies run in the family he said that has nothing to do with it that it was my sugar making the baby big so can yall help me plz???image


  • people with diabetes do have large babies because your body cant break down sugar quick enough so the baby gets extra doses of sugar. if you start to measure too big you will be induced or get a section done later on. lots of people have big babies and deliver them fine

  • dont worry to much what they say,you wont know for sure untill bubba born, when i was expecting my last baby now 3 they scaned me at 36weeks said she was 7lb and would be 9lb plus a birth,well she was 10 days late and was born weighing 6lb 11oz they was so wrong. im now 34weeks 5days pregnant they saying shes 6lb but my midwife said to take about a lb off what the scan says.  good luck xx

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