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Hi all, i thought we needed a new thread for chat/announcements as we are almost in sept and have had two arrivals already-

congrats ruby on your little girl!

congrats to dmari too, another little girl

Some of us have a few more weeks to go being at the end of sept so will no doubt be getting impatient soon. I went over by 11 days last time so really hoping for an on time or slightly earlier arrival this time! Keeping myself busy but am feeling pretty hippo like and tired already, I'm sure I'm not alone in these thoughts image




  • Thanx minieggs........and everybody else for their congrats on the birth of my lil girl. We have named her Inaya and are hopefully on our way home today to settle into our new family life.

    I will be eagerly waiting for the next new arrival so good luck to everyone and I hope it all goes well!!! xxx
  • Great idea mini eggs how are you?

    congratulations ruby you must be thrilled to bits what a beautiful name as well. Envy you so much that she's here already. Cant wait to see a pic if you can upload one.

    Where is everybody else now in terms of the time we have left? Anybody had any signs yet?

    im 37 + 5 today and bit gutted cuz I havent had any symptoms at all other than the odd period type cramp but very infrequent.  Also at last mw appt was advised that baby is back to back and was given exercises to do to try and get him to turn back round because if I labour with him in this position then apparently its normally a longer and more painful labour. Gee thanks for that mw I have been petrified since lol. Seeing her again on Thursday so really hoping he will have turned around by then.

    hope you're all doing well and look forward to reading about your progress xx



  • I'm 34+5 today, and have started project get the head as low as possible with long dog walks over the field behind our house and ball bouncing! I have a midwife appointment this afternoon to follow up from my growth scan, which is puzzling as all was fine. Guessing she'll measure me different as its a different lady lol! Can't wait for September, then little boy can arrive as soon as he likes!

  • Sounds like a plan micro monkey lol im the same with my birthing ball although cant manage the walks so much at the min had this slump of tiredness come over me about a week ago and finding even smallest housework tasks are leaving me exhausted! Hope mw appt goes well today x

  • I'm ok thanks tali, happy that my placenta has moved. Getting a bit fed up with being pregnant now though but arnt we all! oh i hope baby has turned for you, let us know what happens on thurs. Were you early, on time or late with your dd?

    Ruby, ah lovely name, hope you all settle in at home and all goes well

    I'm with you micro, my baby is welcome to come as of 1st sept- as im 37 weeks then and its school year cut off! The whole measuring thing is crazy, ive had some big variations between midwives!

    Has anyone else got a Csec date soon, wonder who's next?!

  • Hi Ladies,

     I'm due on the 27th Sept with our little boy. I am getting very excited and can wait to see what he is going to look like. I am also looking forward to leaving work for maternity leave. Congratulations on our first arrival, I hope you are all doing well!  image)



  • image that should have been a smiley not a sad face!!

  • Hey 

    I'm due on the 20th September and can't wait ... had midwife yesterday and she thinks baby is breech and is going to check again on thursday if in the same place going to have a scan just to be sure, bit worry about having a c- section if it come to that tho ...

    hope everyone is well and enjoying the last few weeks of being pregnant image


  • Great idea for a thread, congratulations again Ruby!!

    I am 37+4 and have had odd twinges but nothing to write home about, I am atconsultant next weds where she said I will get a stretch & sweep as baby measuring bit large so they want to try & start me off (eeeeekkkk) 

    I might try some raspberry leaf tea, I heard that can get things moving, have been ball bouncing too but finding slightest bit of exursion is knackering!!!!

  • How big is baby measuring Aimsie? Must be nice knowing something is going to be done next week 

  • Hello all. Well looks like my little one will be making an appearance soon. My waters have broke today so if I dont go into labour myself I will be induced by Fri image.... Soooo excited xx

  •  hi flutterfly, wheb does your mat leave start?

    kirsty, i hope baby has turned?

    aimsie sounds as if you could be a contender for having your little one sooner rather than later, id be interested to know what weight they would start doing sweeps for early too as micro asked?

    ooh dmari keep us posted- so exciting. what was your due date?

  • Very exciting dmari!!! Hope all goes well x

  • Thanks girls. I'm 38 weeks so she is coming a wee bit early.... More than ready for her though. image xxx

  • How are you getting on dmari?? x

  • Hope all is week dmari, can't wait to see she is here safely

  • Well I went for a growth scan and she was about normal but when they do the fundal measurement I am measuring large so I am confused by it all really.  I have consultant led care and she was not concerned but said they will see if they can start me off so I dont go over my date as they dont want to ridk her being too big....I think you can ask for a sweep at around 38 weeks but some midwives wont u til you're at your due date.

    I am 38 weeks today and feel terrible, got back ache and am ssssooooo tired hopinb the backache is a sign of impending labour, as much as I love feeling little one wriggling around inside me I am more than ready to meet her now!!!!

    How exciting Dmari good luck!!!!

  • Soooooo exciting dmari, hope everything goes well for u and u have the birth u hoped for........and ur baby arrives nice and safely.........

    Nebody else ready to pop image
  • I miss my baby wriggling inside me, sometimes I wish I was bak to being pregnant, as hard as the last few weeks are girls, enjoy it while u
  • Hope you feel better today aimsie?

    Wise words ruby, will try to think that way in the coming weeks, especially as it's my last pg. How's your bubba?

    Dmari-  Hope all ok and you are with baby now??!!

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