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6 weeks & 3 days, No heart beat.

On Monday, I woke up to a little patch of brown in my underwear and when I went to the bathroom there was a little bit of brown discharge. I called the doctor as soon as I could because this is the same way my first 2 MC started (mind you they were VERY early misscarriages little after 4 weeks). They had me do blood work and an ultrasound. Were able to see the Fetus with a vaginal ultrasound but unable to get a heartbeat. Went back in 2 days later for follow up blood work. Doc told me that my levels went up but not at the rate she would expect. I was 6000 on Monday and 7000 on Wednesday. She told me they expected my levels to double and that because of the ultrasound results she does not believe the pregnancy is continuing. They have since scheduled a second ultrasound for Tuesday. The spotting seems to have stopped but I am just wondering if anyone has had similar experiences. Is there hope?


  • I'm really sorry you're going through this. To be honest it doesn't sound good, exact same thing happened to me and wife few months back but I have heard of stories where heartbeat just appeared. Hoping for good news and fingers crossed for you. 

  • i will put you in my prayers and im so so sorry you are going through this again and again this happened to me twice but im praying that they will find the heart of your baby dont loose hope just relax until your next scan as long you are not bleeding now

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