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5 wks - constant worry!

Hi all, Hi all, I'm new here... Just wonder if anyone can help me stop me annoying myself! I'm very early in my first pregnancy and I'm making myself sick with worry; not seeing my doctor until Thursday and we're not telling anyone yet so I'm a bit on my own with this!! (Great tho hubby is, he's not a woman!) So I've had cramping for a couple of weeks (which worried me) which had almost stopped (which also worried me!) .... But has started again today, only after I saw a tiny speck of blood when I wiped earlier. I mean, tiny, I was looking for it otherwise i'd never have seen it. (I'm still convinced AF will come, despite 2 Positive tests!). Should I worry?? Am I now causing the cramps myself with worry?? Aside from the cramps and massively sore boobs, I have no other symptoms. Do you ever get to a stage where you relax??! I never thought I had the capacity to be such a worrier!!! X


  • Hey lovely lady,

    Cramps are normal as long as they are not too painful. In respect of the blood, it might be absolutely nothing to worry about as some ladies do bleed in the early stages of pregnancy, however I would suggest that you speak to your GP if it gets worse. It is completely normal to worry, we all to that! Try to relax a bit if you can - easier said than done I know image



  • Hello thanks for the reply - I'm very aware I sound neurotic, hubby keeps telling me off! I guess I just need to hear it from a fellow lady! X
  • Hey,

    I am a complete worrier too so I hear you!

    I cannot relax!

    I think a spot of blood is normal and not need for concern, maybe mention to doc when you see him if it worsens.

    Also, cramping is normal!

    I have a stitch like feeling on one side which has been worrying me sick since yesterday?

    I'm also 5 weeks!

    Sore boobs is a big symptom so I wouldn't worry! I don't even have sore boobs - which I actually want to put my mind at rest!!

    2 positive tests defo means you are pregnant I don't believe it either but midwife said not to keep testing!

    Sorry I haven't actually helped but wanted you to know you're not alone!!! xx
  • No, that helps a lot actually, thank you. Nice to know I'm not the only one behaving like this lol!

    So you have a midwife already! That must help image I've never been so keen to get to the docs, I normally avoid the place!!

  • Hi image

    I had my BFP today and worked out I'm 5 weeks gone, 6 weeks Saturday.

    I'm having crampy pains but they are like period pains and not too bothersome.

    This is my 2nd pregnancy, but it's been a helluva long time since the first lol

    My daughter is 12, I haven't told her yet as I'm only very early.

    I'm a lot more relaxed this time round, so I'm not too bothered about the cramping.

    The things we go through for our kids eh? Haha
  • Awwww congratulations!! X
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