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Baby doing a jig

I am 32 weeks pregnant with a pink bump that is moving around like crazy. 

all the information things I have read detailing your pregnancy stages say that the movements will decrease as the baby gets less room but mine seems to be moving more and more everyday. To the pont where is can be quite uncomfortable. 

Has anyone else found there bay getting more and more acthings all this extra movement an only be a good thing right? There is no reason to worry about an over active baby is there? ( prob a bit of a paranoid thought)




  • Hi.  I am 33 weeks tomorrow with a pink bump.  When I had my 20 week scan they said I had a low placenta and she was footling breech.  I have another scan at 36 weeks to see where placenta is.  When I had my 28 week antenatal midw said she is still breech and that is why so uncomfortable when she moves.  She really does wiggle around so much lately and it is sooo uncomfortable I am becoming a real moaner.  This is my baby number 4 and they do say that the more you have the more uncomfortable you carry, so I don't know whether that is why or if it is because she is still breech or maybe girls are just wiggly customers image

  • its normal. my son was a huge kicker and mover right up until i gave birth and it was sooo uncomfortable. my whole belly would go a really awkward shape from his wriggles. im 34+5 with this one and babys movements havent slowed down at all. dont worry x

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