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shes here. so my baby was due on the 1st oct, but due to me having a lot of amniotic fluid they decided to induce me on friday 4th.  so i got to the labour ward at 8am they done our observations and at 9.30 the put the gel in. an hour later i started getting a little back ache but not much else. 4pm and i was 4cm so they broke my waters and my god there was loads i socked the midwife.still only had a few mild contractions. then at 6.10 i had my first intensce contraction 2 mins later another so they took me to delivery suit 6.40 contraction every min and wanting to push. i was 8cm so midwife made me push whilst he pushed the last bit of cervix over babys head. babys heart rate dropped to 12bpm so i had to push with all i had.and it was painful but i needed to get her out quick. she was born at 7.02pm a bit stuned but she picked up quick. we have named her savannah and shes beautiful and a big 8lb 11oz.  we are both doing well and her brothers and sister love.   so happy shes here. xx


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