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due date end of aug 08


i am mum to nathan 15 months old, and expecting  his little brother in about a month.... anyone out there in essex?


  • Sorry, not in Essex!

    But, welcome to PP!!!

    This heat must be doing you in, it is me and i am only 22 weeks gone!!

  • Hi Welcome to pp

    My name is Simone and i am mum to Jessica, sorry but i don't live near you.

    My sister is due to give birth on the 17th August and i am her birth partner and really excited.

    Hope to chat soon xx

  • Hiya and welcome to PP!!

    I'm in Scotland, but i just wanted to say congratulations on your pregnancy!!

    I'm Dawn, mummy to Cameron who's also 15 months!!

  • Hi Hennyloo

    Im Emma mum to Riley 31/2yrs and we are in Essex, where abouts are you.


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