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This is my fourth baby and I feel a bit silly.  I used only gas and air with my first three but did find it extremely painful.  I thought I was going to be having a c section this time which I was partly glad and partly scared about because the placenta was low, this has now moved up out of the way.  I am thinking that I don't really want to be brave again with teh gas and air and should I have an epidural and just enjoy the experience more with my husband, as this will more than likely be our last baby making journey.  But I worry that with epidural there is more likely to be the need for forceps or assisted delivery as you can't feel when you need to push.  Is anyone else contemplating the labour and pain releif options at the moment??


  • This is my first baby so I'm terrified! Lol but also glad I don't know what's coming haha I want to try and get through it with gas and air, iv heard the epidural can slow labour down, I would rather get it over and down with as quick as possible than be waiting around haha xx
  • Mmm that's what I was thinking, especially with this being number 4, everyone says it will be quicker this time.  I think if I can just get myself into the right frame of mind and be excited about it rather than scared I'll be ok.  With my little boy last time I tried the water but got too hot which made me sick and really stressed out, which massivly increased the pain.  As soon as I got out of the water i felt more in control I calmed down and did really well with the gas and air.  I didn't speak to anyone and growled at teh midwife when she spoke to me image as i was really concentrating but it worked. 

  • im on my second baby and im getting very nervous about the birth too. my first labour was pretty quick and really intense, and yes, very painful. i got to fully dilated without any pain relief, didnt realise i was fully dilated so begged for an epidural and they gave me one. it took the pain away which at that point was all i cared about but i wasnt feeling contractions properly or the urge to push anymore so ended up pshing for 2 solid hours. i was lucky and didnt need forceps or anything but i really want to avoid that this time as by the end of the 2h they put me on a drip to increase contractions and if that didnt work, then they would have used forceps and that scares the hell out of me.
    having said that the pain scares me and theres a good chance ill beg for an epidural again haha.

  • I had a very quick labour so hoping this one will be quick too. Going to go for gas and air again, I can honestly say I'm not scared of anything apart from tearing or needing to be cut. That is my worst fear! I think the fact I was so calm and easy about it last time helped as it really was quick and straightforward so hoping positive thinking gets me the same results again. It's gonna hurt like hell nothing I can do about it, she's gotta come out somehow. I'm a go hard or go home kinda gal, I wanna get in get her out n get outta there lol x

  • Mmm.  I've been cut or torn and had stitches every time with my three so I'm used to all that.  I really don't want to risk baby being delivered by forceps or vontouse so I'll have to find a way of mastering the pain with gas and air, I did it with the others, it's just I want to look forward to and enjoy this time.  If I knew I'd be able to push for certain and definately not need forceps i'd have epidural.  My bp is really low too and I've read that the epidural can lower bp even more which again is dangerous for baby.

  • You never know this time might be completely different x

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