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Cheese before bed.

I was always told not to have cheese before bed time as it gives you nightmares. I have had a bad week with Annabel in terms of her being very unsettled at night, she has been waking up more than often and is very distressed. I have been racking my brain to think why! Then I realised that on the three bad nights we have had Annabel had eaten cheese for dinner (spaghetti bolonaise with cheese, cheese spread on toast and a cheese sauce with pasta). Now I could just be clutching at straws, or they might be something in this cheese before bed old wives tale?? Be interested to hear your thoughts!! 


  • My oh loves eating cheese before bed he'll often have a chunk, he says it gives him cheese dreams and they're brilliant lol. Not nightmares but just very vivid realistic dreams. So there could be some truth in it x

  • Even without cheese we have had bad nights, so maybe my cheese theory was just wishful thinking.

    LH86 - That is really funny that he has 'Cheese dreams' I might try that, now that I'm off the wine, ha ha.

  • Bless her. My dd slept thru till 17 weeks then stopped. She's 4.5 now and only just started to sleep thru again! X

  • Ive heard of people having crazy dreams after eating cheese before bed, loving the term 'cheese dreams' image Personally ive never noticed a change in my dreams and it doesnt seem to make a difference to how my lo sleeps. Teething is the main reason for our bad nights image 

  • Apparantly they did a study years ago into this and found that eating cheese before bed did not cause bad dreams but may actully aid sleep! Not in Annabels case though! I hope she settles again soon. image

  • We may have to try eating more cheese if thats the case! image

  • my little one loves cheese, so brilliant for his teeth and easy way to get his calcium intake higher!


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