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Flu Jab

Hi guys,

I have never had the flu jab before, but me and the hubby are planning for a baby in the coming month or so, and i just wanted to know if anyone has gotten it before or during pregnancy? I believe in just fighting it off as much as i can. But i must add i get colds every year and they can last quite a long time....the cough even longer. The only reason I am considering it is for our unborn childimage when ever they choose to join!


  • I had mine just over a week ago. I must admit I felt like crap afterwards then came down with that sickness bug (4 year old brings everything back from school) and now oh has a really bad fluey cold and I'm fine so think I made the right choice to have it. I'll be having whooping cough after 28 weeks too. X

  • Ok, I am still sitting on the fence. Your pregnant already, congrats to youimage hope to join the club soon.

  • I'd say it's worth it, we're supposed to have a really cold winter as well x

  • i didnt have it when pregnant with ds. swine flu had just hit the world and they'd rushed a new vaccine out. it seemed like such a scary new thing and had so much faith in my immune system, ive never been ill much and even in pregnancy i barely knew anything different was happening.

    now we're thinking of ttc number 2, i had it last week (through work). The reasons being that i feel so much more run down and vulnerable now im a working mum. after pregnancy and breast feeding and sleepless nights and never stopping i dont feel invincible. and the thought of having to carry on if im that ill is awful. plus lo had his, so i figure i should lead by example!

    i felt better about having it prior to pregnancy than when actually pregnant. just had a sore arm for 12 hours, the next day i felt dreadful but it was first day of my period and i always do because of that. felt sorry for myself with the added knowledge of the flu jab, but sure as hell better than flu.

    then i read that having it whilst pg protects the baby for the first few months of their life, so an added bonus x

  • Well, I had it last week. Had the sore arm and was ill as hell the next day. After that I was fine. Back to normal now. I just hope this unborn appreciates all that I am doing,! Now all I need to do is get pregnantimage waiting patiently!

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