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first time mum - Need a little advise

Hi There image
I am now 23 weeks and 4 days pregnant and just came back from my scan- Finding out me and my partner are having a healthy baby boy ! ( We are so happy ! ) 
What concerns me is apart from my 12 week and 20 week scan, I have not seen a midwife or anyone since finding out I was pregnant roughly 9 weeks into my pregnancy. 
This is our first child, And I have no friends which have children so I am basically completely clueless as to what Im doing! I feel like im missing something and as I was walking out of my scan today the lady who gave me my scan mentioned this will be the last time I need a scan. I am completely confused, Should I not be seeing a midwife every few weeks or someone that checks up on me to make sure my baby is healthy or what about giving me advise about my pregnancy and labour and after the birth ? I know this must sound like silly questions, But do I need to speak to a doctor to ask these questions and make the appointments myself or do I need to find a midwife which makes the appointments, Could anyone please help me as to where I go from here ?


  • please help me with a little advise 

  • Hi,

    I'm also pregnant with my first. Iwhere I live we have a community midwife who comes to our doctors surgery every fortnight. I'm only 7 weeks but from what I know I will see her fairly regularly for check ups. 

    Maybe ring your doctors and ask for advice xx

  • You should see a midwife fairly regular for your first I'd phone your doc and see what they say xx
  • Yeah for your first you should be seeing a midwife every 4 or so weeks. I'm 26 weeks with my 2nd and got only my 3rd appointment at almost 29 weeks x

  • I saw a midwife for the first time 4 weeks before due date then a fortnight after that. I didn't really feel like I needed to see one so just went for the scheduled appointments. If ur worried tho and want more info just go to ur doctor and ask for a referral. It's scary on ur first cause u don't know what to expect. But go the the doc And good luck xx

  • Hiya, I think you start seeing midwife more regularly at around 6 months, and towards the end its every 2 weeks or maybe even weekly. Contact your gp or local midwives and just ask for an appointment to go over any concerns. Maybe it is a mistake on their part, im sure you should have been seen at least twice by now for regular blood/urine tests. They usually give you a schedule of how often your apps will be at booking in app. Good luck x
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