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I'm having such a worry about what meat to cook for Annabel (now almost 7 months). I'm not sure how to introduce it into her diet. We (me and husband) eat most meats but not that often, if we do we eat chicken, beef, lambs and occasionally pork.

I'm interested to hear how and when you introduced meats and how you ensure you LO gets a variety of them in their diets.

Any advice would be welcome.


  • We gave our LO meat at about 7 months after weaning at 6 months.  We started with chicken as it's bland and easy to digest although he didn't have meat at every dinnertime until about 8 months and by then we just gave him whatever we were having for dinner and pureed it so if we had chicken stirfry then I would separate a bit of veg and chicken before adding our sauce and blend it for him (Now he's 9 and half months and we don't blend anything just chop it up really small for him) - sometimes with blending meat you might need to add a smidge of water to make it a better consistency for them to swallow.  Mince is a great one as it doesn't need blending - I make homemade burgers / shepherds pie / lasagne and would blend the pasta / spuds and just mix the mince into it.  We have meat at every dinnertime though so I'm not sure what we'd do if we didn't have meat so regularly.  Because we have meat every day we mix up what we have so we'll have fish, chicken, beef mince, turkey mince, pork steaks, sausages, steak - we eat more chicken than anything else but obviously cooked in different ways and our lo has had all of these.  It is so much easier now he eats the same as us. I'd say start with chicken and cod (fish fingers are good for this just take the breadcrumbs off as it's fish fillet inside and 2 fish fingers is a good portion size) see how your lo's tummy adjusts and then gradually introduce more meat by giving whatever you have - enjoy it. X

  • I would make mini koftas from minced lamb (rolled into little sausage shapes so easy for little hands to hold), I would use beef/lamb mince to make little cottage and shepherds pies. I also would buy salmon fillets and steam or bake them and fork mash with veg, such as sweet potato and broccoli and a little creme fraise or unsealed butter.   before my LO had teeth and found it hard to eat chicken pieces, I would put a steamed chicken breast in the blender and blitz it before adding it to some veg, potato, etc. you can also use this to make little chicken and veg patties, just roll the mixture into little balls press into little patty shapes  and cook on a medium heat until golden and serve with a little dip such as tzatziki. image

  • I do blw and we give our lo very large chunks that he can grip and gum. He's just 8 mths in a week but eeve been giving him meat this way since 6mths. He's become adept at eating meat..I just give him unseasoned chop pieces or roast pieces etc.
  • Thanks for the advice ladies.

    We have had two attempts at meat, one successful, one not so. I made Chicken leeks and creamy wine pasta for dinner. Once all cooked and cooled I liquidized a portion for Annabel (the wine cooks so loses it alcohol content). It is the first dish that Annabel has not eaten since we started weaning, she really was not keen.  It could have been the strong flavour (wine) but actually once cooked you can't really taste it, she has had garlic before, leeks and cream  so I can only assume it was the chicken that she did not like.

    We had lamb chops for dinner on Sunday, I saved a small portion for Annabel liquidised the meat  and vegetables, added some fresh mint and gave with mash potatoes - well she loved it!! Ate all of it.  (see recipe exchange)

    I feel better about meat now and am looking forward to starting her on other meat dishes, we are having streak pie this week so will try her with a portion of this.



  • We let marley suck on bits of chicken and lamb at around 6 months so he got used to the taste. I was worried at first that he would choke if i mixed it into his food so we introduced into his meals by using pouchs and jars at first then gradually introduced it into homemade food. I'm really fussy with meat and dont really eat it but i've tried to introduce marley to a good variety of meat dishes hopefully being a mom will make me a less fussy eater!!

  • My daughter had grilled chicken strips for her 1st ever meal at 6 months old. In her 1st month of weaning she tried most different types of meat. Just give the meat that you eat at your meals in large strips (chip shaped) & let them enjoy!

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