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pregnant and breastfeeding?

Hi folks, as the title suggests, I have happily fallen pregnant while still breast feeding my 14 month old. It took us 3 years to conceive our dd and I've loved feeding her and she loves it too. She has 3 feeds every day and more at weekends when I'm with her all the time. Needless to say, we weren't expecting it to be so easy 2nd time around, but feel very blessed. I just don't want it to affect our nursing relationship, or the nursing to have a detrimental affect on the pregnancy. I'm only 5-6 weeks. Any stories of successfully feeding throughout pregnancy and even, tandem feeding afterwards? X


  • im 14 weeks pregnant myself and am still breastfeeding my 16 month old daughter. she is so obsessed with her tetah i am positive i will be feeding 2 babies at once. she seems to want to nurse more frequently now but at shorter lengths. more like taking a drink than eating or she does it for comfort. im a stay at home mom so she has easy acces. people around me say its way past time to wean and what am i going to do when the other baby gets here. i cant see taking it from her if shes not ready and i guess she will have to learn to share. she has 4 older siblings so sharing isnt new to her. i figure as long as it doesnt take away from the new baby why not go for it.

  • Thanks for your reply- no.6 for you? Whoah! I suppose I'm already starting to be paranoid that my milk supply is dwindling or tasting different and its having an effect on my dd. Its more likely my hormones and mood affecting her. But I have no intention of stopping and would love to tandem feed.

    Can't believe people are pressuring you to give up feeding! I'm quite opinionated and have a feeling that none of my family would dare! But, then, some people always like to tell you how to raise your children! X
  • Hi guys,

    I just wanted to let you know that in dec 2011, I was still bf my 8 month old when I found I was pregnant. I was worried if bf would affect the pregnancy but from everything I read it said it was safe. Unfortunately in jan 2012 I started bleeding very badly and miscarried at between 9 & 11 wks (not sure as was bf still and hadnt had scan, going by size of uterus). I dont know whether the bf had anything to do with it but when I told doc I was still bf he said that could be the cause as it causes the womb to contract. I dont want to scare you unecessarily but I wish I had known that it could possibly cause problems. Good luck x
  • Thanks Mickos. I had heard of the contracting uterus thing. But after hearing some of the random things Drs come out with, I'm not convinced. The pain you get when your uterus contracted in the early days was very intense. Nothing like the cramps I'm getting now, but it does make me nervous! I thing I'll contact the midwife about it. Thank you x
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