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my baby is 3 months old...could i be pregnant again so early??

Me and my partner got carried away and didnt use protection, now im thinking i may be pregnant again! period is late, too scared to test! If i am i will have 2 babies under 1 years old arggggh! waiting another week to test and give my period chance to come, just want your views and opinions please. or if anyone else has found out there pregnant at around 3 months postpartum (think thats spelt right) HELP

P.S if i am pregnant i dont believe in abortion, so thats not an option image


  • It's very possible you could be Hun, keep us posted xx

  • its def possible. my father has a brother only 1 year older than him and another brother only a year younger than him.

  • It definitely sounds like you might be, only way to know for sure is bite the bullet and take a test! Xx
  • there is only 10 months between me and my brother...albeit because of us both being born premature.

  • It can happen huni I was in the same boat as you, when my boy was 14 weeks old I still hadn't had a period, me and my partner want then close together I had to test but I got a bfn AF showed up a few days later, when my boy was 10 months I fell again but sadly lost to a m/c now his 15 months old and I got my bfp last week image really there is only one way to find out and that to do a test or go to the docs xxx
  • just not sure how long it takes your cycles to get back to normal....only symptom i have a sickness every now and then. Im on CD33..thinking im just being paranoid! will test on monday and let you all know! I should have been more careful but it was first time in 7 MONTHS as i hated it when i was pregnant, i had a episiotomy which re-opened so had to wait for it to heal.

    stay tuned lol! xx

  • Dd1 was only 14 weeks when I got pregnant witb number 2 so its very possible. The only way to find out is to test x

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