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First round of clomid!!!!



  • Hi Natasha4 - BFN.  Comfirmed by fertility clinic as well.  Very sad day for me yesterday...AF is supposed to be here Sunday/Monday, if things happen to go on schedule.  Hopefully it comes a day or 2 earlier, because it leaves it a bit tight for cycle monitoring.  My clinic is closed on Dec. 24th until Jan. 2nd.  I'm onto my next round of Clomid.  My script is for CD2 = 50mg, CD3 - 25mg, CD4 - 50mg, CD5 - 25mg, CD6-50mg.  I ovulated last month, so they are putting me on the same script. So I'm really close behind you....I'll keep you updated when AF starts for me...I'm trying to think of whether I want to do insemination for this 2nd round or stick to intervourse, any suggestions?


    SweetJudy - Of course, you can join us image  Yes, there is usually a long wait list for fertility clinics...I think I was referred in Oct, and didn't get in until January, then only got my diagnosis in April, after all the exams, etc.  Alot of people order Clomid online.  I would probably start on 50MG - you could even rotate(50mg/25mg) like I am for the first month and see if you ovulate...especially because you aren't being monitored, you don't want any cysts growing.   I just noticed my back pain has been constant since my first round of Clomid.  I still have it.  It's horrible.  Hot flushes I had while taking the meds too...

  • Confirmed***

  • Hi can I also join please I am 21 and have been ttc for 3 years with my fianc?? . Been diagnosedwith pcos and one blocked tube . I have just finished my first round of clomid this month ? I was put strate onto 100mg is this normal ?? How many rounds does it take to conceive . Sorry to interrupt lol
  • Hello Suzy,

    Thank you very much for your response. The wait is extremely long, pretty shocking considering how many people are refused a referral. I actually do not have a problem with ovulation, I ovulate regulary - I think. I had a couple of scans and the gynecologist said that I ovulated because he was able to see the yellow body that appears on the ovary after ovulation. I have long cycles (around 33-35 days) and they have been very irregular since the miscarriage in April. I wanted to buy clomid to level out my hormones and bring ovulation forward? Not sure what to do yet, I feel like giving up at this point. DH is having a go for always talking about pregnancy and I just feel completely helpless image

    Sorry to hear about the BFN - heartbreaking! How long have you been ttc for? I hope you catch the egg during the next cycle!!!


  • Hi suzy, I'm so sorry about your bfn. Hopefully the witch turns up on time so you can get all you need before fertility clinic closes, not that i wish the witch on anyone. Ive not heard of doing that before 50mg than 25mg and so on i always thought you just take the same amount each day. Will the fertility clinic be doing the iui (insemination) or yourself? I start my 100mg in about an hrs time so hoping i sleep through all side effects. Fingers crossed for you xxx

    Hi sweetjudy, i started seeing my doctor last September, he did all the tests etc for me and husband then refered us to fertility clinic, we had our first appionment in Feb, had a lap & dye in April and then finally got Clomid in August ad started September. I started on 50mg for 3 cycles and have now just been upped to 100mg.

    I was going to buy clomid online but read so many bad things about it, there is a natural drug called soya isoflavones you could try, it works just like clomid but can be bought from tescos for around £4.50, you take double the amount of soya to what you would have taken clomid so 50mg clomid is 100mg soya, you take it days 1-5 2-6 3-7 4-8 5-9 depending what you want it to do. If you want to know more i can try and put a link on for you. There is also agnus castus you can take that helps regulate cycles and shorten them, you take them upto ovulation then stop, you can get them from holland and barretts but it can take a few mths to get in your system. xxx

    Hi saz, i was started on 50mg for 3 cycles and now just starting my 1st cycle of 100mg, the fertility clinic usually know what they're doing though as what to start you on, i've read about people getting bfp on first round and others it not working for so just depends on the person really. I also have pcos and the clomid has helped me no end in ovulating etc. fingers crossed you dont have to wait many cycles xxx

    My Ovulation Chart  || Ovulation Tracker


  • Hi sweetjudy, im just getting ready to go to work now but will reply later on tonight, didn't want you to think no one was going to reply xxx
  • For some reason my tab has just re posted my last post, please ignore as I can guarantee I aint going back to work now till monday lol xxx
  • Hi Natasha,

    Thank you very much for all your advice. I tried Agnus castus this month and stopped on CD13 because i thought that I was going to ovulate. I was wrong because I ovulated on CD19 or CD20 - I think. I thought of soya, would that bring ovulation forward? Do you know if it can be taken at the same time as agnus castus?

    Looks like the docs took ages for you too. My GP doesn't seem to understand that the wait is killing us image My partner had his sperm analysis on Thursday but we are still waiting for the results - probably monday - eeeek image I guess we will take it from there! If the count is very low then we will got for private ivf,I am pushing for this but he is more chilled out and told me to wait and let it happen naturally as there is no guaranteed success with ivf image


  • Hi sweetjudy, i dont think you can take soya with agnus castus. Ive become friends with another lady who took clomid and it didnt work for her, she took soya in April and became pregnant but had a mmc at almost 9 wks, she took it again on her last cycle and got her bfp she is 6 wks now.

    Most of my waiting was down to the hospital where i had my lap & dye done as it took so long for me to get an appiontment and was told afterwards i would get my next appiontment for 6wks time at fertility, well after 6 wks it never came so rang fertility clinic and they never got the letter so had to wait another 6 wks for an appointment image My hubby is a little like yours, laid back and it will happen although he does come to all my scans and appiontments with me and gets really excited in the 2ww lol

    Im gonna go copy and paste the thing about soya for you now xxx

  • Soya Isoflavones and Vitamins
    The Group for those Using, Abusing and thinking about taking over the counter items to boost fertility.

    Soya Isoflavones are derived from soya beans. They have been dubbed “the natural Clomid,”
    As they work in pretty much an identical manner.
    Just like Clomid; Soya Isoflavones work by tricking your body into thinking its low on oestrogen. Your body then kick starts production of FSH (Follicle-stimulating hormone) followed by LH (Luteinizing hormone) Which are both necessary to release Healthy Eggs during ovulation.
    FSH is released at the start of the menstrual cycle; it stimulates the growth of an immature egg into a fully matured egg. When the egg has matured your body then releases a surge of LH. LH is the hormone that tells the ovary to release the egg.

    You take Soy Isoflavones, like Clomid, on either CD 1-5 , 2-6, 3-7 , 4-8 or 5-9.
    If you take soy Isoflavones during the later time bracket, for example CD5-9, you shall strengthen the egg that has already started growing producing a healthier egg. The earlier in your cycle you take It, the higher your chance of releasing multiple eggs but these eggs will not be as mature  as the eggs grown from taking Soya later.
    A lot of women will choose the middle cycle (3 -7) allowing time for a strong and healthy egg to develop without erasing the chance of a second egg being developed and released.

    1-5 = you produce more eggs, and ovulate sooner, with a stronger ovulation.

    2-6 = you produce more eggs that usual, but not as many as taking it 1-5. Eggs may be more mature, and ovulation will be slightly more strong than 1-5.

    3-7 = The best of both worlds, a few more eggs, and all eggs will be strong & mature, and ovulation will be alot stronger than 1-5.

    4-8 = No more eggs will be produced, but the ones already there, will be matured alot more than usual, and ovulation will be very strong. Ovulation may only be brought forward a teeny bit.

    5-9 = You'll have one very mature strong egg, from the ones you already produced on your own. Ovulation will either happen when it usually does, or a few days later, but your egg will be of great quality.

    The dose is really down to you but you should always use the lowest amount that works for you.
    With Clomid the starting dose is 100mg.  Soya Isoflavones are said to be half the strength of Clomid, so it makes sense for the starting dose to be 100mg.
    The trouble with 100mg of soya is that the capsules tend to come as 40mg. So you have a choice of starting at 80mg or 120mg.

    I would recommend that if you know that you do ovulate without taking soy then you should start with 80mg.
    And if you know that you don’t usually ovulate you can start with 120mg.
    Some women change the dose on different days. So they may start at 120mg for the first 3 days then give an extra boost for the last 2 days with 160mg.

    As I have said though, use the lowest dose possible for yourself. If you ovulate using 120mg/day stick to that for a few cycles. GIVE IT A CHANCE. It is said that it takes 3months to get the full benefits of what you are taking. NEVER EXCEED 200mg/day.

    The following potential health benefits are attributed to Isoflavones:
    Reduce heart disease risk
    Protect against prostate problems
    improve bone health
    Reduce cancer risk

    As with any medication, taking Soya Isoflavones may cause side effects such as:
    Hot flushes
    Night sweats
    Thrush  - mentioned by a few ladies on this board so added to the list.

  • In no particular order. Obviously the higher the dose you take the higher your chance of experiencing side effects.

    Breast cancer, hepatic disease, prostate cancer, kidney disease, taking hormone treatments, thyroid disease, and allergies to soy, peanuts or other legumes.
    Soy Isoflavones should not be taken while breastfeeding or pregnant.
    Soy Isoflavones may interact with the following medications; androstenedione, antibiotics, clomiphene, DHEA, contraceptives and other female hormones, finasteride, raloxifene, red clover, tamoxifen, testosterone and other male hormones, thyroid hormones, and toremifene.
    NOTE: Just like Clomid, Soya Isoflavones may not help some women at all!
    Although research carried out on FF has shown that 77% of women taking Soya Isoflavones on the stated days at the stated doses, got there BFP on their first cycle taking them!

    Maca: Induces production of progesterone which is needed to promotes the survival and development of the embryo and fetus. helpful if you have suffered repeated MC - it gives the eggy a chance to hold on before AF  arrives - lengthen luteal
    Angus Castus (Vitex): balances hormones. can bring relief from long cycles and lengthen short cyles.
    Evening Primrose Oil: 1500mg to 3000mg/day. EPO is used to promote fertile cervical mucus.
    Folic Acid: 400mcg/day, can prevent spina bifida, it has also been shown to improve fertility.
    Vitamin C: has been proven to help women on the fertility medication Clomid increase their chances of conceiving.
    Zinc: 15 -30mg/day, Helps the body to use oestrogen and progesterone more efficiently.
    Vitamin B6: healthy uterine lining and can resolve Luteal phase defficency.
    As you are probably aware there are many premade tablets containing all the necessary vitamins for while you are TTC , Pregnant or Breast Feeding.

    There are natural ways to improve male fertility.
    There are few common rules to start with.
    1. Limit or eliminate caffeine intake.
    2. Stop smoking
    3. Stop Recreational Drugs
    4. Wear Loose Underwear
    5. Stay out of Hot baths
    6. Quit drinking alcohol
    The following natural treatments are widely recommended for male infertility, but they have not been scientifically proven effective at this time:

    Zinc: 15-30mg/day – healthy male reproductive system and sperm production.
    Vitamin E: increase sperm motility, enhances the ability of the sperm to penetrate the egg.
    (Talk to your doctor prior to starting Vitamin E, particularly if you are currently taking aspirin or other blood thinners.)
    Vitamin C: May prevent sperm “clumping” together – Increases sperm count.
    Arginine: 4g/day, Aids sperm production.
    Coenzyme Q10: 10mg/day, Increases sperm count and motility.
    Folic Acid: Yes men do need folic acid too, maybe just feed him more broccoli and spinach rather than giving him your pregnancy pills though!

    I am not a Doctor, this Information is all that I have found out from my extensive reading on the internet and has been put here as guidance. If in doubt see your GP!

  • Hope this helps a little more xxx

  • Hey Natasha,

    You are an absolute STAR!!! Thank you ever so much - I will buy some soya next week and start it during the next cycle if AF turns up at the end of the month!

    I am currently taking all the vits that you've listed, except for the EPO. DH is also taking lots and is avoiding hot baths, laptop on the lap, phones in the pocket. Neither of us dink alcohol, smoke or take drugs. I feel like we are doing everything right so not sure why it is not happening for us. DH has only started the vits a month and half ago and we read the they take up to 3 months to kick in and sperm take 2.5 / 3 months to fully regenerate. 

    Good luck with your treatment honey, I will keep my fingers crossed for you! We should all get our BFPs because we deserve them image

    Thank you very much for all your help again!


  • Hi sweetjudy, your welcome and i'm glad i could help. I didnt know any of this stuff and if it was'nt for sites like these i would'nt be any the wiser. I only started taking vit B6 and EPO this cycle as i new nothing about them till a friend i met on another site told me about all of this, you only take EPO till ovulation day though.

    I really hope this works for you and please keep me updated as i will you image xxx

  • Hi Natasha,

    I will keep you updated image I will start Soya next month, I'm trying to do everything to bring ovulation forward and make my luteal phase a bit longer. I started B6 this cycle, I started on 20mg and then I bought 50mg ones and I take 2 every day. I also take approx 700mg of Vit C, Maca, Pregnacare, Aspirin and Royal Jelly. I took Agnus Castus and Raspberry Leaf at the start of this cycle, but stopped on CD13 image Tell you what, we are gonna have a super baby after all these vits ha ha

    Whereabout in your cycle are you now?


  • Hi sweetjudy, i'm currently on cd6 so long way to got yet, i've got a scan on cd12 to see how big my follicles are as ive just started 100mg clomid, hopefully this is our mth

    I bet your rattleing from all those tablets lol Just looked at your chart and see your at 6dpo, i have my fingers crossed for you to get that bfp xxx

  • Hi Natasha,

    That's great that they monitor you while on clomid. Fingers crossed for you my lovely!!!

    I overrode my chart this morning cos it said that I ovulated on Saturday and there is no way .... I'm sure I ovulated either on Tuesday evening or Wednesday, judging by the pain then and now cos I'm cramping like there's no tomorrow image My nipples are still sensitive and that is a good sign, let's hope the soreness doesn't go away image


  • HI, the scans are good but we have to pay for them as i already have one child and if we dont have the scans then i dont get the clomid image i had them 0n my 1st cycle of 50mg but not for the 2nd or 3rd cycle and got to have them this cycle as its my 1st cycle of 100mg.

    I dont have a clue when it comes to charting, ive only been doing it myself a few mths and have another friend on a different site thats looks my chart over for me each day.

    Ooooh your signs are promising then image when will you test do you think?

    I have my fingers and toes crossed for you,  xxx

  • Hi Ladies!!  Sorry, I have been MIA for a few days.  I am currently CD5 at the moment.  AF started 2 days earlier this month (Nov. 23).  I've been occupying my mind with xmas shopping/work.   I went back to Fertility Clinic, and they again put me on the same dose as last month...50mg/25mg/50mg/25mg/50mg.  I took 25mg today, and my last pill tomorrow of 50mg.  They said it worked for me last month - so they wanted to do the same thing this month. 

    Last month was my first time on Clomid...but DH and myself are deciding to do insemination this month. We've been TTC since June 2012 (and TTC a few years before that for 1.5yrs and still nothing - took a break in between)  I should technically give Clomid a few more tries with regular intercourse...but we figured, why waste any time...we have already been trying for awhile, that I really have no hope on regular intercourse, it's been years of that...

    Dec. 2nd will be Day 10, and I will go in for my pelvic, internal & bloodwork to see where I am at with follicle growth. 

    What do you guys think of insemination?

    Natasha - You asked if I was doing it at home?  No - I am going to the fertility clinic...I wouldn't even know where to start to do it at home...LOL. 

    Really hoping for a BFP this month.  DH and I were both upset last week when we got a BFN (Yes, it was our first try with Clomid, but it's just always been BFN's even when no clomid, so I think it just got to us) and it doesn't help that DH's brother/sister in law are pregnant 6 weeks.  So we would of been 2 weeks behind them...we found out on Sunday that they were pregnant....and we just got a bit hurt. (Not that they are pregnant, more about ourselves) it happens soo easy for some people, and its soo hard for others.  This is their 2nd child, she found out she was prego the day after we got our BFN.  I'm a little more upset then my hubby is...I know this sounds selfish - btu things happen for a reason.  I would not want to be that close in pregnancy with my sister in law - a bit of tension there.  Not that a month apart makes that much of a difference anyways...I really don't know how I feel.....

    How are you all doing? fingers are crossed for everybody!!!!  Natasha - I'm a couple days after you....YIKES

  • Hi Suzy, Sorry you got a bfn image

    I wasn't sure if it was IUI you was having with the injections etc or just the insemination, my fertility clinic never even mentioned anything about insemination or owt. My consultant did say though on our first appointment that if clomid doesn't work then he doesn't think IUI would either and it would then be IVF. If it did come to IVF then that's when we would have to stop its just sooo expensive, we already have to pay for our tracking scans and that's not cheap either.

    We have our scans on Monday too cd12 for me to check follicle size etc and make sure 100mg isn't over stimulating me (I wish lol)  

    We only have 2 days between us so should both be in the 2ww at the same time, I usually ovulate around cd18, well I did on 50mg clomid

    I know what you mean about family pregnancies, 2 of my cousins are pregnant at the minute both through fertility too and had another cousin who had to have Ivf, must run in the family. I try and avoid anyone I know that's pregnant too not in nastily way though.

    Well if I don't hear from you before good luck on Monday xxx

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