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Just Found Out !

Hi Everyone

Just found out i am 4 to 5 weeks pregnant , very excited but also very nervous if anything will go wrong this is my first baby.  Been advised by the Doctors to speak to the midwife direct which i have done and have my first appointment next week to see them , its all seems very easy and a bit unreal , i dont have any symptoms apart from feeling tired.  Anyone else feel like this ?



  • SB. I found out on Weds and I am very much the same. I am still waiting for an appointment with my MW. Apparently she arranges her own and only attends my Drs on a Tuesday.

    I keep having twinges/cramps/twinges/flutters in my stomach and I'm very tired too.

  • Congratulations to you xx i'm kinda looking forward to seeing the Midwife maybe it will feel a bit more real then.  I keep getting small twinges but not much x just really tired not like me at all x I keep reading alsorts on the internet both good and bad things think i keep making myself worse x

    Hope you get your appointment soon xx


  • I do too. I had a bit of a battle this morning with the receptionist at my GP. I called yesterday about the prescription exemption thing and she said i could call in, fill it in and the dr would sign it ad they would send it off. I called in this morning and this horrid woman, who i always have problems with was saying she couldnt give it me and broadcasting across the surgery that I was expecting and this that and the other. I was so angry with her. She said I cant get exemption until I see the MW. She even said to her colleague "What does she need to show as proof" I thought oh for god sake is it not enough i showed the go 2 pregnancy tests and the gp was happy to refer me to the mw?!

  • Congratulations. I am 4+3 with my second baby.

    My son is 2 so if you have any questions just ask image

    BB x
  • Congrats all x

  • Congrates I'm 5 weeks plus today, had a scan and all is looking good going into my 6th week, I have a little boy if 17 months and I had a m/c June/July this year xxx
  • Hi SB

    Im 16 weeks today, find out the sex on the 27th.

    My symptoms are hardly any when i was in first trimester. I wasnt throwing up, just feeling nausiated, was tired around 8pm and i had high sense of smell. That was it

    Now im 16 weeks nausia has just about stopped, im for ever going to the loo for a wee especially at night! And my belly aches after walking around a bit (round ligamant)

    So your one of the lucky ones image if you have any questions inbox me and il be happy to help image x
  • Thanks all for your kind comments , makes me feel a lot better about things.  Looking forward to Thursday seeing the midwife mwill hopefully make if feel more real , i just hope everything is going ok and to plan xx

    MRSW - i feel for you hope you get sorted and things start fitting into place , its a nervous time with bloody hassle from Receptionist xx

  • Thanks SB. Hubby is getting used to the idea I think. I just want to see the MW to get the ball rolling now.

  • Same here once i see the MIdwife i think it will put my mind at ease , i keep reading stuff on the internet that makes me worry more.  I just want everything to be ok same as you i guess xxx


  • Stop reading the internet! Your pregnancy will take forever if you read the horror stories!
  • Im gonna take your advice BroodyBoots it does make you worse i think i imagine every bad thing going x i want to enjoy the experience and everything to go smoothly xx thanks for all your advice i really appreciate it xx


  • It's just not worth it. Every twinge will feel like the end rather than the miraculous journey your body is taking you on. I was bad at the beginning with my son but with this one I am going to me far more relaxed.
  • Thats so true x i want to relax and enjoy it my Partner keeps telling me not to worry everything will be fine x hes so good wish i was as laid back xx Hope me and you can enjoy the journey together xx


  • It is easier said than done! Can't wait to get into the due in August forum when they set it up image x
  • It seems ages away till August i guess finding out so early makes it worse x i'm gonna relax until Thursday when i see what the Midwife has to say and take it from there , fingers crossed everythign will be ok xx


  • hi ladies I got a BFP today too! 4 weeks with 2nd baby, lo is 2 and 4 months. xx looked for the due in aug forum but I see it's not up yet. there will be pretty much exactly 3 years between my babies! looking forward to chatting xx

  • Hi alfie222 , Congratulations to you xx hope your well xx

  • Congrates Alfie222 xx
  • thanks ladies, I feel ok, very hungry and nautious if a don't eat, and fluid round my middle!! (I know its too early to be baby) last time no symptoms whatsoever but I think having another little one and  constantly rushing about takes its tol. How are you all feeling. so hard not saying a word to anyone (only me and oh know) but we really want the news to settle in first. It helps to chat on here x

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