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First round of clomid!!!!



  • Hey Natasha!  I just did the clomid on first round.  Wow, my fertility clinic hasn't mentioned that - if Clomid doesn't work neither will IUI.  Let's hope it will work for you, I would try IUI never know.  I haven't had to do injections yet, just clomid...but we'll see for this cycle!

    I know what you mean in regards to cost, we have to pay as well...and just the IUI is $450.  I will be day 10, they like to start monitoring on day 10 for us and go through to day 20 sometimes.  I only had 1 follicle last hoping I get some more this month.   I Ov'd on CD16 last maybe we will be around the same day...eeek!  This is actually great, having someone so close in cycle that way we can compare, etc.  The dreaded 2ww!  I will be on here everyday, all day...good thing about this cycle, is that it is close to xmas, and I can try to pre-occupy myself with all the running around that needs to get done.

    Nobody in my fam has needed fertility...and none of them know what I'm going through but my mom/sister...I'm very private normally - especially about this kind of stuff, so this website makes it so much easier.  I am deff not that close to my sis in law to tell her anything...yes, I don't mean it in a nasty's just it makes me sad..but I get over it eventually, it JUST happened though.  My best friend is 6months pregnant too...and she got pregnant on her 1st try as well.  CRAZY how some people get soo lucky!

    You will not need IVF, it will work!  We have to have faith. If Clomid doesn't work, then I would still try IUI.   If you don't ovulate at all, then that is a little different - IUI would not work.

    Good Luck!  I'm sure we will still chat before Monday image

  • Hi Suzy, I don't know why IUI wouldn't work for us he never said, maybe its because I have pcos and hardly ovulate on my own, but I think if we had to start going towards IUI or IVF we would have to call it a day, for each clomid cycle (mth) we have scans it cost us £240 and that was just for 2 scans last time.

    How big was your follicle last mth, mine only got to 18mm on my first cycle. I begged them to let me try without the scans for cycles 2 & 3 as they cost so much but 7dpo bloods came back at 28 cycle 2 and 42 cycle 3, fingers crossed cycle 4 is bfp lol

    My appointment is at 9.30 on Monday so will let you know how I get on.

    Yeah we could end up ovulating the same day if I ovulate cd18 again and you cd16, my next AF is due xmas eve so was saying to DH we are either gonna get the best xmas present ever or not this year. But yep like you said so much to do takes your mind of it a little.

    Do you live in the US Suzy, just wondered with you putting $ and not £

    Well fingers crossed for us both this mth xxxx


  • Hi Natasha,

    How are you getting on hun? I've been reading your posts and noticed that you have to pay for your scans . . . why is that? Are you doing the Clomid cycles privately?

    We had the sperm test results and DH has a pretty low sperm count so they are referring us to the assisted conceptions unit. Let the process begin! DH purchased some clomid on-line and is going to start it as soon as it turns up - it should increase the count rapidly - we will see thou. CD29 tomorrow for me and I'm getting a bit anxious, I hate the last few days of my cycles as I always feel hopeful and my little dreams are crushed when af turns up! You mentioned that you usually ovulate on CD18, did clomid bring ovulation forward for you at all?

    I hope you have the best xmas ever and get your BFP! That would be magical!!!


  • Hi sweetjudy, I'm glad I've finished this cycle of Clomid had a migraine for 3 days and nothing would get rid of it, I'm assuming it was the Clomid anyway. We are doing it through the NHS fertility clinic but because I already have a son aged 12yrs in 4 days and my husband also has a son aged 15 1/2yrs we don't qualify for free treatment image

    I'm not sure when I used to ovulate or even if I did as I have pcos and was only having around 5 periods a year if that. I was pretty lucky with my son I guess. I have never been on the pill and since then it's never happened again, and that's 12 yrs in total trying again with his dad before we split and with my husband now, so fingers crossed the Clomid works for us.

    Glad your hubby has managed to get some Clomid but sorry about his results. Is that what men take Clomid for then to increase sperm count? I know they can take it but never knew what it was for.

    Assisted conception unit is that the same as fertility clinic or different, what treatment do you think they will start you on?

    Fingers crossed you don't need to go to assisted conception unit and you get that bfp this mth xxx



  • Hi Natasha,

    I'm sorry to hear that you do not qualify for free NHS treatment. It is very unfair because people can develop all sorts of problems throughout their lives so the fact that you've already got a son should not determine the eligibility for free treatment. Fingers crossed Clomid works for you honey! And it looks like you struggled the first time round and I think they should take that into consideration. I would change the system if I was in charge ha ha I really think that NHS should be more considerate to people like us . . .

    Yeah, Clomid is given to men to increase sperm count, but they are to take it every day for 25 days and then have a 5 day break. I think it starts working after one month. There are other things he will be taking and some people also inject HCG. It is all very complicated, but he knows what he is doing so I will leave him to it. His mum retired abroad so he asked her to buy him some clomid in the pharmacy abroad. We made a joke that she might get arrested for drug smuggling ha ha image

    I think that assisted conceptions and the fertility clinic are the same thing. I think the GP messed up a bit because they called DH on friday and asked for the name of his consultant at the fertility clinic? How is he supposed to know if he's not even been referred yet? People amaze me sometimes! I will need to call the surgery on Monday and ensure that the referral has been done and that they've referred us to the correct place . . .. 

    How are you feeling today? Has the headache gone?


  • Hi sweetjudy, how are you today?

    I find myself very lucky for my son Jacob, me and his dad were only together 3 months before I got pregnant but then was together 8 yrs in total and no other pregnancy, I was in a relationship for 2 & 1/2 years before that and nothing and now with my husband 5 years and nothing so yeah in one way I thought we would qualify for some kind of funding but nope nothing image

    We was going to get my husbands foster mum to get us some clomid from Egypt as her niece lives out there but not sure on how she would bring it back or if Jan could post it for us from there, if it was me myself i'd just shove it in my luggage but I cant really ask her to do that, or could I lol

    Glad hubby knows what he's doing with the clomid as I wouldn't have a clue when it comes to men taking it.

    The doctors/hospitals are useless, I went for my first tests at one hospital and was told they would then refer me to QMC after weeks of waiting went back to doctors and the hospital hadn't done it, then after lap & dye was told I would have an appointment in 6 wks, those 6 wks came and went so rang fertility and they hadn't received the results so then had to wait yet another 6 weeks to see about getting the clomid.

     I went for my scan today and I'm quite disappointed really as i was expecting there to be bigger follicles or more of them due to being increased to 100mg but nope pretty much the same as my 50mg scans.

    On my 50mg cd12 i had 2 follicles 10mm & 12mm on cd16 they were 12mm & 18mm today on 100mg cd12 i again had 2 follicles but only 9.8mm & 12mm got to go back on friday cd16 for another scan and if they're big enough seen as though i've paid for it she said i can have the trigger shot. so just feel like we've wasted £240 for nothing as it's the same results as the 50mg.

    Hope you manage to get your appointments sorted soon, I've also noticed your 12dpo have you done any tests yet? fingers crossed for you xxx




  • Hi Suzy, how did your scans go today? xxx

  • Hi Natasha,

    Sounds like a right nightmare! I hope Clomid will help you get pregnant thou and it would be magical if it happened before xmas! Fingers crossed! The hospitals and clinics don't care really, at least that is what it looks like. We are just numbers to them and they don't appreciate how much all this really means to us! 

    My partners mum has bought some clomid today - two months worth plus some HCG injections for only £12, ha ha what a bargain! We paid £53 for 2 months worth when we ordered them off the net last week. He is already taking it, together with Arimidex and will inject some HCG too so his count should rocket - fingers crossed anyway!

    Our appointments have been messed up, but they all make sense now - I think. We rearranged to the 30th December with a view of having a joint one with DH, the fertility clinic haven't received his referral yet so i will have to chase that up before the end of this week.

    I'm 12DPO, tested yesterday with an internet cheapie, but nothing image had horrid cramps last night and some light brown discharge so i thought the witch was deffo on her way, but nothing. I put a pad on last night and this morning to save embarrassment at work image Will see how I get on, if I don't come on before the end of the week, I will test on Saturday morning with  CB image


  • Hi sweetjudy, just looked at your chart, so sorry the witch got you x

    My husband didn't have to have a referral just me and then he had to come with me but the doctors did his sperm tests before we was referred. 

    Its amazing how much cheaper it is in other countries and the fact you can buy it over the counter is a plus, where as here all the trouble we have to go through to get Clomid is unbelievable. Your hubbies sperm is going to be breaking all world records with them drugs, its good he knows what he's doing too cause I wouldn't have a clue lol

    Not long now till your fertility appointment and that time will go even quicker with xmas here too xxxx


  • Hi Natasha,

    I know, she got me yesterday image My temps plummeted so I kinda expected it and with a low sperm count I cannot expect much. Anyway, I'm not feeling down, I'm determined image Started soya today - 120mg and will take it for 5 days. Hope it will make me ovulate before CD 19 / 20.

    How are you getting on hun? I can see that you had a temp rise today . . .  could that be ovulation?


  • Hi, I hope the soya does some thing for you whilst you wait for your fertility appointment and hopefully makes you O earlier. Have you not been tempted to try hubbies clomid?

    Im not sure if it was O with my temp spike today as Monday my follicles were only 12 and 9.8mm plus I did 2 internet cheapie opks yesterday and they wasn't as dark as they should be. I usually start with clearblue digital opks around cd16 but also have another scan on cd16 too so that will tell me if ive O or not already.

    Yesterdays temp might be a little out too as I heard someone putting something through the letter box at 5.30am, checked the time first so I knew if I could temp and get up well looked at the time and thought yeah, so jumped out of bed to look out the window then blinking realised id not done my temp, so I fell back in bed and took it so yesterdays might be low because of that as mine seems to drop after ive gotton up, stupid stupid me lol


  • Hi Natasha,

    How are you my lovely? Have you ovulated yet?

    I hope the soya works, I think it is doing something because I can feel some mild pains / cramps today. Only CD8, but maybe I will ovulate before CD19? I am not tempted to try DH's Clomid image He read your post with me and said: Get off my Clomid! ha ha I think he's done 2 weeks on it and he's got two weeks to go before he can take a short break from it.

    I have finally managed to sort the fertility clinic appointment and read on NHS that they should offer IVF straight away if the count is low - fingers crossed. I have also started enquiring about private treatment and completed their medical questionnaires yesterday. The Doctor should review them tomorrow and they will contact me to arrange an appointment if the doc is happy to proceed image I am excited that we are getting somewhere now! Let's hope that something will work!

    I felt down at the weekend, I just don't know what we've done to deserve all this. But I guess all the couples that are struggling to conceive are asking the same question! We will get there one day!


  • Hi Ladies/Natasha

    Sorry, I have been MIA lately.  Been sick with a tooth infection (wisdom teeth) and been on antibiotics (safe for pregnancy).  But I had to debate whether or not to wait for wisdom teeth surgery which is only March 10, 2014 or keep going with the trying to get pregnant.  In which, I have said I am not going to stop...trying for a baby.  If wisdom teeth pain comes back, I'll just have to deal with it.  It's been over a week, stopped antibiotics yesterday, and still in pain!  Praying that this pain goes away!!


    Anyways, here is the update on my cycle. 

    Dec. 2 - 12mm

    Dec. 4 - 14mm

    Dec. 6 - 17mm

    Dec. 7 - 20mm & Ovidrel Shot

    Dec. 8 - Insemination

    So I am 2DPO right now.  Don't feel any which I don't think I would feel anything yet, as it is too early.  Last week my CM was really thick - but I'm thinking it has something to do with the antibiotics - no yeast infection yet (hoping not). 

    I'm trying not to think about the 2WW.  I can test on Dec. 22nd they said, so that is when I will make my way back into the fertility clinic.  This tooth pain is kind of distracting me!

    What would you guys have done?  Had the wisdom tooth surgery or leave them, and deal with the pain if it comes back and remove after baby is born?  (They have to put me to sleep - which terrifies me)  I'm going to book a temporary appt, if I am NOT pregnant by then (March 10th) I will have the surgery, if I am pregnant, then I cannot have the surgery.  Just praying for this pain to go away, and not come back until after baby is born (at some point).  

    Natasha - how is your many DPO are you?  What were your numbers? 

    SweetJudy - I'm glad you joined us.  I'm going to go back and read all the comments since I left off....I guess I should of done that before I wrote this msg!  LOL

  • Hi sweetjudy,

    Glad things are moving along for you and you won't have to mess around trying clomid and things first if they will put you straight forward for IVF. How long would you have to wait if you go through the NHS compared to going private.

    Ooooh I do hope you O early and the clomid has helped hubbies sperm, fingers crossed you won't need IVF xxx

    Just going to reply to Suzy then will leave another post with all my problems lol

  • Hi Suzy

    Sorry your in pain from your wisdom tooth, it always seems to happen when you less need it too. I think if it was me I would book the op for march but not stop ttc at least then if your not pregnant (which im hoping you will be by then) the op is there for you to take.

    Glad all has gone ok with your follies etc, I soooo hope you get that BFP on the 22nd what better Christmas present then that.

    Have you started symptom spotting yet?

    I'm gonna put another post on with all my problems so I don't have to write it twice once to you and one to sweetjudy, lazy I know lol image


  • So here's my problems

    had a scan cd16 follicle 12mm had another scan cd16 follicle 18mm, was told if I had the injection I would have to then pay and have the injections every cycle which is a cost we can't really find, so didn't have it. So she booked me another scan for Tuesday cd20 but told me if I got a smiley on opk over the weekend to cancel scan.

    So got smiley Saturday and Sunday and really bad cramps sunday evening, also got my yeast infection that I seem to get every cycle whilst taking clomid around ovulation time. I thought I would then get my temp rise to confirm O but nothing, my temps are exactly the same as my pre O temps, FF has given me crosshairs but only because of my positive opks and not my temps. So not really sure if I have even ovulated.

    Decided to ring fertility clinic this morning to see what they say,

    So i phoned fertility clinic and she said they don't recommend temping and that Sunday sounds promising with the cramps, so had to book 7dpo bloods for Monday. I'm going to carry on temping, BD-ing and doing opks just in case I didn't O and she said if i get another positive opk to have more bloods done unless they come back over 30 from the first test. So fingers crossed i did O Sunday/Monday

    Hope you both managed to understand most of that lol


  • Hey Natasha

    That is what I'm going to do!  I sure hope I am pregnant by March!  I'll just have to suffer with the pain for now, and continue to not chew on that side.

    I am 4DPO today, and haven't specifically started symptom spotting, I drove myself crazy last month doing that...but I have had some mild cramps though - but I'm assuming that could be anything, as I think 4DPO is too early for anything.  It would be awesome if I got a BFP for xmas!!!  I'm really hoping/praying for all of us.

    I had to pay for the injection as well, not sure how much exactly it was though, they didn't have the price on hand...I also had to pay $400 for the insemination! Expensive month just before xmas. 

    We are like almost exact this cycle on the 2WW.  I ov'd on the Sunday (Dec. 8). 

    Yeast infections suck!  Do you take anything for them or just let them run their course?

    How cool would that be if we got BFP's on the same day!  Fingers are seriously crossed!  Let's keep each other strong! We can do this!!!

  • Hi Suzy, if it wasn't for my temps rising on Wednesday cd21 I would of put me down as O on Sunday with the cramps I was getting, so I've now booked to have bloods done on Monday and Wednesday next week, one of them has to be right I hope, not really sure what dpo I am yet either lol Fertility friend has me down as 6dpo if going by opks but then if I change it just to temps I am 2dpo.

    I use a pessary at night for thrush and by the following evening its gone thank god lol

    It is an expensive thing ttc and Christmas month doesn't help at all, If my bloods come back as over 30 I wont have to have any more scans whilst on 100mg just 7dpo bloods.

    Would be great to get them BFP together and what better Christmas present than a BFP image

    Fingers crossed for us all xxxx

  • This might sound stupid...but whats the 7dpo bloods for? I only have bloods from cd10 to ovulation, then 2ww, and blood 13dpo...

    I dont temp at all, I really know nothing about it. I was going to have someone give me a mini teaching session but I don't think it could work anymore. I am 7dpo today. No really significant symptoms. Have had some dull cramps, foot pain all day yesterday(weird) and kind of thirsty....but this could be from anything. I'm really trying not obsess, especially right at xmas time, i'd hate to be miserable. TTC at xmas can be good and bad.

    Ahhhh....this makes me crazy! LOL
  • Hi Suzy, 7dpo bloods are to check my progesterone levels and because im on clomid it has to be over 30 to confirm I have ovulated. My previous levels on 50mg were 20 no O 28 but I know I ovulated because my temps told me I did and 42. I knew nothing about temping but its pretty easy to learn, it is stressfull sometimes but helps me loads with when to have bloods done etc except for this cycle as my temp confirms O 4 days after my positive opk so pulled a sneaky one and having bloods done Mon and weds. There's a site called fertility friend that I use and it does it all for you, you just have to put your temp in etc. If you click on the link in my post that says my ovulation chart you will see it.

    Alot of people dont get any kind of symptoms when they get their bfp, I was 12 wks gone when I knew I was pregnant with my son 12 yrs ago.

    Baby dust to you xxxx
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