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First round of clomid!!!!



  • Ohhh!  See, they do bloods here for us to check the LH levels during CD10-20 to figure out if we have ov'd.  Things are a little different I guess. 

    Anything new for you?  How you feeling?

    So, I feel a little nauseous today, and sore breasts - but the sore breasts normally happens for me before AF.  Although the nauseous thing is new...but that could be my head - so trying not to look into it that much. 

    I'm praying we get our xmas BFP's!!!

  • I haven't had any implantation bleeding, or anything like that....

  • Hi Suzy, nothing different for me either this cycle I don't think. Still not sure if I'm 10dpo 9dpo or only 6dpo I had my blood results back they was 38 so they do confirm ovulation just not sure when lol They would of been done at the wrong time anyway instaed of 7dpo it would of been either 5, 8, or 9dpo bloods.

    Lets hope the nausea is a good sign for you... when will you be testing?

  • Hello ladies,

    Suzy - nausea is a good sign, let's hope you get some magical news before xmas. It would be truly magical if you got a BFP! When are you going to test? When is AF due?

    Natasha - great news about ovulation. Let's hope it worked for you this month. Sounds like this whole TTC lark is causing a lot of hassle for you image Fingers crossed for you this month hun!

    I am CD15 and started getting EWCM so I should ovulate soon - I think it will definitely happen before the end of the week. We are going to try one last time this month, not taking it as seriously thou. Will see what happens! I had my first appointment at the private clinic last week - it was only for a blood test to check my AMH levels. If my levels are high enough, I will be ale to egg-share - fingers crossed! I should get my results tomorrow - eeeeek. I called them on monday because I am a very 'patient' person but the results were not there. I got myself into a right state - my hands and legs were shaking when I came off the phone. My heart was racing . . . . DH just shook his head at me saying that he couldn't understand why I was getting so worked up about it. He seems to believe that we will get a free IVF on NHS. Bless him, it is good to be positive!


  • Hi Ladies

    I plan to test on Dec. 22 (Sunday), I will be 14DPO.  Maybe I'll test earlier - if this nausea keeps up.  I'm really trying to not make anything of it.  But I'm praying that it is a good sign.   How many DPO do you guys normally test on?  SweetJudy - It WOULD BE MAGICAL if I got a BFP for xmas!  That would be all we would want...don't need anything else.  But also a miserable xmas if we get a BFN.  My AF is due Dec 24/25th!  YUK!  I really hope I do not have to get the witch on either of those days!

    Natasha - That's awesome that you ov' when are you going to test?  When is your AF due?  That would be hard to have to guess....

    Sweetjudy - It really helps when DH is positive, that's a good thing.  My fingers are crossed for your ovulation this week! 

    Fingers are crossed for both of you!  Keep me in the loop image



  • Hi sweetjudy, I do hope your bloods come back good to egg share as it cuts the cost in half or more for IVF. If you go through the NHS fertility I'm sure you are entitled to 3 go's at IVF for free providing none of you have children already. My cousin is 20wks pregnant now on her second IVF. I know what you mean about how nervous making these calls is, I get like it every time I have to ring for my 7dpo blood results.

    Fingers crossed you get the blood results you need and that your little eggy pops out this week xxxx

    Suzy I really hope that having the nausea is a good sign for you, having AF at xmas is not good at the best of times but especially not when ttc. I usually test from 10dpo once a day. If I am 10dpo today my AF is due 20th or 21st Dec if I'm only 6dpo AF is due 24th or 25th Dec so pretty much same as you. xxxx

    Fingers and toes crossed we all get the good news and bfp's that we all want and deserve for Christmas xxxx


  • Wow, they provide some free IVF over there?   That is amazing.  Things are soo different.  What is egg-share?  I'm sorry if this is a dumb question - I don't know much about IVF. 

    So, I'm still having nausea and I am 10DPO. Feel a bit gassy too...and this might sound grosse (TMI) but I had diarrhea out of nowhere yesterday when I got home, and then I woke up in the middle of the night with it as well - felt alot of gas though.  Not sure if this has anything to do with's either I am pregnant, or feel like I am getting a virus.  This is my 2nd day of nausea though...I'm trying not to get too excited over it...I read that diarrhea is an early sign in particular I googled 9dpo and a bunch of people had commented on that.  Grosse...I know!  I'm deff having other symptoms that I did not have last month.

    Hopefully these are good signs.   Trying not to test today or tomorrow...I want to wait until Sunday to test...but if I still feel nautious - then I will probably test Saturday!

    Fingers and toes are still crossed for us all...xoxoxo

  • Hi ladies,

    Natasha - DH thinks that we will get free goes, but as a pesimist, I am not so sure. I just cannot stay positive anymore. How are you feeling today hun? Any symptoms?

    Suzy - the nausea is deffo a good sign. With my pregnancy, it started at 7-8 DPO and kept getting worse. Also the diarrhea thing - it could be a sign hun. I usually get it a day before af turns up, but read that it could be a very early sign of pregnancy. It is looking great for you!!! With regard to IVF, people in the UK get free goes if they qualify. I think you have to be trying for 2 years, have no children and not sure what else. Egg-sharing is a program where they stimulate your ovaries like with IVF and collect eggs, which you then donate. You can also combine this procedure with IVF so if you need IVF you can keep half of your eggs for fertilisation and donate the other half (this is what I would like to do). You have to qualify to become an egg-sharer and one of the criteria is the AMH hormone. I think it needs to be above 19 for the clinic I am with.

    No update from me yet ladies - the clinic has not received the results yet and I am becoming more anxious every day! Might have them tomorrow so will give them a call again in the afternoon. Think I am or will be ovulation any day - today is the second day of EWCM and my temp stayed the same this morning, will see what happens tomorrow. We've got our Xmas lunch / dinner from work tomorrow so I might have a few drinks image Drown my sorrows as this year has been awful, the worst one ever! 


  • Suzy, ive read quite a lot of people have diarrhea as a symptom when pregnant and nausea is a definet yes yes symptom. ooooh have you given in yet and tested.

    I so hope you get that xmas BFP xxxx

    Judy, I think your hubbie is right you know but im sure you have to go through the NHS fertility clinic, are you already with them? Looking at your chart im guessing you have Ovulated, so I wonder if the soya did help and bring it forward a few days. Hoping you get your blood results back today and its good news xxxx

    Well my temp rose a little today after a small fall yesterday, still not sure when I ovulated though either cd17 or cd21 so im either going to be 12dpo or 8dpo today, I guess I will find out in the next few days if af turns up. No symptoms really for me.

    Good luck to us all xxxxxx

  • I gave in last night because my stomach was killing me - believe it was gas pain, I peed like 6x yesterday!! I feel like I got a REALLY faint line, took a pic, but hard to see...then as time went on it went away....i took again this morning with FMU, and I didnt see nothing at all....different test though.

    Not sure what to think....

    I was up at 2-3in the morning - wide awake amd had nausea! But did not vomit.

    Dont know.....
  • Sounds promising Suzy and I really do hope you get that BFP xxxx

  • Made me super sad and put a bunner on my day with the negative this morning image
  • Ooooh Suzy i'm so sorry, what dpo are you now? There's still time some people don't get their BFP's till around 14dpo or later


  • *bummer

    Yes, I am trying to think positive, as I have never had these symptoms so deff feel different this month. It is early as my period is only due 24/25th.

    And waking up in the middle of the night with nausea is not normal for I don't know.

    Fingers crossed for all of us!
  • Hello ladies,

    Suzy - don't give up honey. When I got my BFP in February, I tested 13 DPO and got a negative. I tested again 15/16 DPO and got a BFP! Nausea is definitely a great sign so hang in there honey!

    Natasha - I'm not sure if I've ovulated yet because I took my temp 4 times this morning and got different readings each time. It started at 36.18, then 36.28 then 36.31 and 36.33. I have not moved while taking the temps so don't understand how they've changed so much.We will see what tomorrow brings. With regard to the treatment, we do not have to go through NHS, we can self-refer ourselves to the private clinic as long as we are willing to pay for it.

    Sooooo, I got my results today ladies. I called the clinic twice yesterday and they were not there so I dialed them again this afternoon and the receptionist said that she had to transfer me onto a nurse to get the results. Panic kicked in! The nurse said that my AMH levels were near the higher bracket at 53.2 so I was eligible for egg-sharing. I am so happy right now - something has finally gone right for us this year! We should be able to start the treatment in January image. It is going to cost me £850 instead of £5,000 so it is worth it and also I will be able to help a lady who cannot use her own eggs. I read that some ladies have to wait up to 5 years for an egg donor and it would be my pleasure if I could make it happen for one of them!


  • Wow that's great news Judy and the fact it's only 800 rather than 5000 is a bonus too. I think if you had the free treatment it would have to be through the NHS. My sister in law used to donate eggs to a fertility clinic, I'd love to be able to but it's a struggle to get any myself. January isn't far away, I bet your really quite excited no knowing your actually getting somewhere.

    My temp seems to go down when I move or get up rather than go up, I took it at 4.20 today as needed a wee wee and it was 98.04 went back to sleep and took it again 3hrs later at 7.30 and it was 98.20 I've gone with the 4.20 one though as that was my first reading.

    I always play around with my chart when i think ive ovulated and put a few higher temps in for the following days to see if it gives me the crosshairs.

    Hope that egg pops put soon xxxx
  • That is such great news SweetJudy!!! That's awesome!  Now you can have a somewhat decent xmas...with a little less anxiety. 


    How about you Natasha?  Any symptoms, anything different?

    I think I'm out this cycle.  I went home last night and looked at my 10DPO, and there is deff a faint line there.  My 11 and now 12DPO (TODAY) are VERY NEGATIVE.  I am going to the clinic tomorrow for bloodwork pregnancy test.  But I am SOO SAD.  I really thought I was pregnant this month, I had ALL the symptoms.  Even last night I had severe gas pains (i think)/stomach cramping - not AF cramps.  The nausea has gone away.

    I've been reading some forums, and I read that the Ovidrel 250mcg can cause pregnancy symptoms, and I had that shot this month.  Don't know how long it takes to get out of your system, but I had it 1 day before insemination which was Dec. 7th.

    Hubby and I are soooo sad.  I really feel like giving up today...he is still hoping for a BFP, as he said, maybe it's too early.  But I mentioned that all my symptoms are gone.  AF due 24/25th!

    Big SAD DAY for me.  I don't know how much more of this I can handle.

  • Suze, I'm so sorry you feel like that but your not out till af shows her face, just because the symptoms have gone doesn't mean a no either. Try and stay positive, I know that's easier said then done, I have every thing crossed for you.

    I had some cramping last night and woke up twice really thirsty, FF has me down as 13 dpo and another temp rise today where as I normally start spotting on 13dpo so thinking i am only 9dpo but temp is still higher on 9dpo than any other cycle. I seem to feel a lot more calmer this cycle too. If I'm 9dpo then af is due Xmas eve.

    Fingers crossed for all of us xxxxx
  • I mean Suzy stupid phone lol xxxx
  • Yah but the negative tests got me down in the dumps!  Hubby is staying positive.  I guess I will know for sure tomorrow, going to the clinic, although we are supposed to have a really bad storm - but I have to somehow get there, i'm out of clomid.  I have no symptoms at all, other then a bit of AF cramps....Ughhh, I hate her!

    Let's hope AF doesn't catch us this month, and somebody up there performs a little miracle for us.   I thought I was alot calmer this cycle too...but not these last couple days, because I have had soo many symptoms.



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