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Been Referred

So I've finally had an appointment come through for me and my fella to go see a Gynecologist who specializes in Infertility. I actually cant wait for it as it means things are finally 'going somewhere' yet nervous in-case there's any problems. Anyone else going through this stage?


  • I have appointment with my gp next week after blood rest so worried , good luck khurstay x
  • I'm sure everything will come back fine! Horrible having to wait! I had the GP bloods done a few months back and had to be referred to the hospital as my doctor didn't understand them. x

  • I think everyone gets referred as gp always dont understand something ,how long have you been waiting for x
  • Well ive been trying since May 2012 then the Drs finally did bloods in June this year and didnt get the results untill october. x

  • Ive been trying since September 2012 ive done bloods 2 weeks ago last week I received a letter to let me know that my gp has the results and I need to make appointment x
  • How did you bloods go? All come back ok i hope. Ive got to go back tomorrow to have the bloods redone as my dr wants me to for some reason..
  • Hello khurstay my blood test showed that i didnt ovulate and today my doctor referred us to a fertility clinic yaaaaayyy so that means we start to work about the problem im so happy xwhat about you have you redone your test x

  • Ahh thats crap then. As you say though your gonna get things properly started now! I had them done, im just waiting for results. I cant wait for my fertility appointment, had it booked before bloods were done lol x
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